Honor V9 to be available internationally as Honor 8 Pro

Honor V9 to be available internationally as Honor 8 Pro


Honor 8 Pro 

Remember the reported Honor V9 last week, turns out, it will actually go on sale internationally as Honor 8 Pro.

The report came from a “close insider” to the company’s management.

Customers might want to add the smartphone to their list as it might go toe-to-toe with Vivo V5 Plus which is priced at Php19,990. As Honor V9 aka Honor 8 Pro might hit the shelves for  $394 or almost Php20,000 Philippine peso.

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The device packs in high-end specification with future-proofing in mind thanks to its HiSilicon Kirin 960 – containing 2.4Ghz octa-core CPU. It also comes with 4GB or 6GB RAM. Yes, it has two variants paired with 64GB and 128GB on-board storage, respectively.

Display all your content will be on the spacious 5.7-inch QHD screen that runs on a reasonably sized 3900mAh battery.

The main spotlight belongs to the dual 12MP + 2MP rear camera for either added bokeh or B&W details. While the front facing snapper carries an 8MP sensor for your selfies.

Together with the Huawei P10, the upcoming Mobile World Congress event on February 26 will serve as Honor V9/Honor 8 Pro’s debut ground.

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What do you think of the Honor V9 or rather, the Honor 8 Pro? Share us your thoughts and let us know in the comment section.


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