List of Fiber Internet plans, pricing, providers in the Philippines

List of Fiber Internet plans, pricing, providers in the Philippines

Fiber Optic Internet Philippines Price PLDT Globe Converge Plans

Globe and PLDT have started deploying more fiber optics around the Metro Manila and the Philippines earlier this year. And with Converge ICT widening the availability of their Fiber Internet services, it would be great to put these three in a complete plan comparison including the price.

Location Availability of Globe, PLDT, Converge ICT Fiber Optics in the Philippines

Confirmed areas are listed below with the Fiber being limited to latest condominiums, apartments, residences, and exclusive villages or subdivisions.

It’s important to take note that Globe (Platinum Broadband or Fiber) already removed the list of areas with Fiber in their website for unknown reasons. They’ve now the same Fiber availability listing to PLDT where you will need to contact them and give your address for them to check, which is similar to Converge ICT.

  • For Globe/PLDT: Makati, Pasay, Manila, Quezon City, Laguna, Parañaque, Las Piñas, Mandaluyong, Muntinlupa, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Cebu, Bacolod, Davao, Dumaguete
  • For specific locations and building name check our Globe Platinum listing here
  • Converge ICT: Limited to urban areas and buildings



Converge ICT

Plan 1599
20Mbps speed
150GB data

Plan 1500
20Mbps speed
Unlimited data

Plan 1899
50Mbps speed
300GB data

Plan 1899
50Mbps speed
80GB data

Plan 2499
100Mbps speed
1TB data

Plan 2500
50Mbps speed
Unlimited data

Plan 2899
50Mbps speed
Unlimited data

Plan 3499
50Mbps speed
Unlimited data + Digital TV

Plan 3500
100Mbps speed
Unlimited data

Completing the Globe Planitum Broadband plans are Plan 4499, 6999, and 9499 with 1Gbps speed or 1000Mbps.

Best Fiber Optic Internet Connectivity

Between the three, Globe has the best Fiber plans and choices with Converge ICT getting the cheapest plan offering. PLDT, on the other hand, is stuck with 50Mbps but I heard they will be ramping up their Fiber offerings this year too.

Alternative broadband via Sky Cable or DSL

If you’re not needing those crazy speeds, getting a DSL or wired internet plans are more economical since base plans start for as low as P1,000 a month.

Opting for Sky Cable is also a better deal if you want to subscribe in cable TV channels. Sky Broadband has plan 1899 at the moment that offers up to 50Mbps download speed, 5Mbps upload rate, and free TV channels.

More postpaid or broadband plans below

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  • Lanfear

    I thought initially you said globe plan 1599 20mbps fibre has 250gb data allowance? Why is it only 150gb now?

    • After checking out Globe’s website I found that the data is now down to 150GB though our first post still has 250GB on it (Globe’s table).

    • Lolo mo panot

      From Globe Sale its 250GB.

  • K3ng

    I heard about Telstra, does anyone here knows about when will it be available for subscription?

    • No Telstra, sadly.

      • Andrie

        pero kung ikaw tatanungin sir? ano sa tatlong yan yung pinaka ok? bayantel kasi ako dati. mejo ok na sakin un, kaso wala na bayantel globe nalang. eh ang globe samin every other day walang net. pldt naman mayat maya ang DC.

      • sam

        try mo converge scammer PLDT lalo na yong plan 3500 nila. mukang hindi pure fiber. Lagi nag loloko internet speed. napuputol at bumabagal every now and then. mabuti pa nung naka dsl ako swabe. yung plan 3500 nila is plan 3700 talaga pag dating ng bill mo taps young free tv cable na kasaama worth 700 pero basic plan lang papa na worth 200 php lang subsciption sa bang cable companies! ang masakit dito lock ka na ng 2yrs! scam fuck PLDT

      • Andrie

        salamat sir, until now di padin ako nakakabitan nung sa PLDT na yan. try ko tumingin sa sky o bayantel nalang ulit, yung globe naman kasi atat magkabit samin, kaso panay prob naman
        concern ko kasi araw2 kami may videocall ang lakas kumain ng data nun, tapos uploading pa ng files na malalaki

      • Khem Gimena

        Converge ICT is i think the among them having low cost payment and very good internet… my boss is an Converge users and as of now no problem sa connection thats why our office is already applied for it… but the only prob. with this company pag walang malapit na NAP sa place mo will surely garbage your application…. kasi dito sa office more than a month na wla pa din naikakabit… LOLXS

  • TruthOMG

    pathetic fiber internet connection offers only catered to rich and exclusive subdivision/condo/villages.

  • DW

    I am curious about the availability of fiber optics around Tagaytay or possibly going down toward Silang? My wife, a filipina, and I are looking to relocate to an area with higher elevations which should be cooler and more comfortable for me. Bit we need good internet.

  • kulang

    wtf…fiber connection with a data allowance? it must unlimited

    fkng data cap! go to hell globebobo smartshit….. there must be other telco to compete whit this two xit telco in the philippines…

  • Kaido

    100 Megabits per sec? Wth kind of Fiber optic is that?
    Meanwhile in Romania you get 1000 Megabits per sec for 9 euro that’s less than 500 Php.

    • YuujiKazami

      Welcome to Philippines.

  • dexter wiser

    i hope the government will bring more internet provider company so that PLDT and Globe will not monopolize it, this company join together in order to suggest the price they want and we the consumer cant do nothing but to accept it because we dont have the choice.

    • Andrie

      haharangin nila yan eh, alam mo naman sa pinas maraming bayaran

  • Mich

    The fact that Globe does not offer unlimited internet, does not make it the best.

  • Vega632

    Data caps suck period!!!! Don’t do it or you’re going to hate life and getting screwed with the lock in period too!!! If its the only choice you have then look for the biggest cap you can get.

  • Andrie

    ok ba yung Converge ICT?

    • Franz Tuazon

      using it now, there are downtime due to maintenance or system upgrade but they will let you know in advance…

  • Che20

    Wala palang matinong network d2 sa pinas ung pldt paasa lng pla balak ko pa nman mag tyo ng negosyo pisonet kso 7 days palng kakabit ng pldt skin bigla nawala na ang connection tpos ung mga costumer service pa bukas bukasin ka na may pu2nta daw na technician until now pang six days na wala prin! Tpos ang bilis nilng maningil ng bill hehe muka nyo icut nyo nlng para masaya wala ako mapakinabangan sa sirbisyo nyo!!