Samsung Galaxy S8 official launch date to be announced on Feb 27...

Samsung Galaxy S8 official launch date to be announced on Feb 27 at MWC


Samsung Galaxy S8 official launch date

In a not so surprising news, Samsung Galaxy S8 official launch date will be revealed at Mobile World Congress 2017.

President of Samsung Mobile Communications, Koh Dong-jin, mentioned that the “official schedule” is set to be revealed on February 27.

Looks like Samsung won’t be sleeping on Mobile World Congress while watching its competitors showcase their products.

The Korean-giant also released(in an earlier date) a press event for February 26 but says it won’t be launching the Galaxy S8. But sources say that there will be a one-minute Galaxy S8 video teaser.

So far, rumors point out that the Galaxy S8 will be showcased on March 29 in New York City. While it will go on sale on April 21.

Since we still have to wait a few months for the Samsung Galaxy S8 official launch date, check out first the renders of the upcoming flagship phone.


What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S8 official launch date news? Are you looking forward to Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone? Share us your thoughts and let us know in the comment section below.

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