Viral Milo Beat Energy Gap sets record in Asia-Pacific

Viral Milo Beat Energy Gap sets record in Asia-Pacific


Milo Beat Energy Gap sets record in Asia-Pacific

The catchy tune, energy-filling moves and of course, the attractive actor, James Reid, soars to the top as Milo Beat Energy Gap entered the Top 10 Most Watched Videos in the Asia-Pacific Youtube Ads Leaderboard, for the month of November.

Regardless of your age, you just can’t stop listening from the viral hit Beat Energy Gap of Milo.

The viral video currently holds 14 million views (and counting) on YouTube.  Determined through a combination of popularity and promotion, it became one of the most creative ads in November.

We’re very proud that the new MILO Champ Moves video is among the most watched in the country today, more so in the entire Asia-Pacific,” said Ellen Isturis, MILO Philippines Consumer Marketing Lead.

The recent accolade, the dancercise video received indicates that more and more Filipinos have been inspired to beat Energy Gap and live an active and healthy lifestyle.”


In partner with DepEd, MILO Champ Moves aim to drive awareness about Energy Gap concern among parents by encouraging their kids to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

You can follow @MiloPh on Twitter and @MiloPhilippines on Instagram for more information about

Champ Moves.

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