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Apple Mac Pro Price in the Philippines Starts at P359,990

apple mac pro 2019 photo by techcrunch 2
Apple Mac Pro 2019 Photo by Techcrunch

Apple’s most powerful Mac Pro yet is priced at P359,990 for the base model. It features 3.5GHz 8-core Intel Xeon W CPU that goes up to 4.0Ghz. Furthermore, it gets you 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 RAM, Radeon Pro 580X 8GB GDDR5 GPU, and 256GB SSD storage. You can opt for 1TB SSD for just P20K. The least expensive upgrade that you can do is bumping up the RAM to 48GB for P15K. Magic Mouse 2 is already bundled but you can swap it out for Magic Trackpad 2 for P3K or purchase both for P5,490.

High-end Apple Mac Pro Now in the Philippines, Maxed Out Model Priced at ₱2,723,460 (not a typo, just typical Apple)

The cheese grater-looking desktop replacement from the Cupertino company is one of the odd-looking but most powerful computers right now. Its ventilated series of holes delivers its best airflow while keeping minimal noise operation. Based on early reviews, the new Mac Pro performs quietly powerful. A total of 12RAM slots are available for you to upgrade while the GPU side can slot in Radeon Pro GPUs. For now, the maximum storage is 4TB but an 8TB option will be available soon.

Dominated by the stainless steel frame build, Apple’s high-end desktop can be had with wheels for just an additional P20,000. If for some reason you always need to move things around, those might come in handy.

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