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Google Play Store Releases the Best Apps and Games of 2019


There are thousands of apps and games found within the Google Play Store. Annually, the team behind the biggest mobile app store in the world chooses the best of the best. That said, here are the best android apps and games of 2019.

Best Games of 2019

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  1. Art Inc. – Trendy Business Clicker – get the chance to build your own world-class gallery and become a museum tycoon. It’s an easy, fun, and idle simulation gameplay.
  2. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – coming from the creators of the massive hit Pokemon Go, Wizards Unite is also a real-world augmented reality (AR) game that enrolls you into the world of wizarding.
  3. Angry Birds Dream Blast – ten years after the release of the original Angry Birds game, Rovio developers released the casual bubble-popping game known as Dream Blast. It’s easy to play and is a great time killer.
  4. Diner DASH Adventures – Flo is back to her hometown to serve and keep the customers full and happy. With an all-improved graphics and tons of exciting challenges, the game is more fun than ever.
  5. Fishing Life – games don’t need to be stressful and competitive all the time. Sometimes, you want to be relaxed and visually pleased. That’s exactly what you get from the peaceful Fishing Life. From the visuals to the sound design, it’s a therapeutic game that’s almost good for everyone.

See the entire list of games here.

Best Apps of 2019

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  1. Ablo: Talk to new people & explore the world – connect and explore the world with Ablo. The people you meet here come from all cultural background that allows for a healthy & meaningful conversation.
  2. ActionDash: Digital Wellbeing & Screen Time helper – Digital Wellbeing has been a key component of mobile devices in 2019. And if you want to keep your phone usage at bay, ActionDash makes it possible without needing to wait for an official update from your phone manufacturer.
  3. Appy Weather: the most personal weather app – this weather app is made for people who want to check the weather as quickly as possible. It provides the most important information in a minimalistic way.
  4. Big Bang AR – experience the birth and evolution of the universe in the palm of your hands. In this AR-based app, you will learn about the universe, and at the same time, be immersed in the incredible visuals it delivers.
  5. Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker – maximize your productivity by taking control of your time. From time tracking to organizing smaller tasks, Boosted even provides insights about how you use your time effectively. All that while being free.

See the entire list of apps here.

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