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Doctor Strange Review “A taste of something new yet similar”


Doctor Strange Review

Who need guns when you’ve got magic? Doctor Strange is more than what you expect from a Marvel film. Here is our take from Marvel’s Doctor Strange.


“A taste of something new yet similar”

Benedict Cumberbatch is back, but this time as Marvel’s Doctor Strange. After watching the film, I can’t help but get excited about for its possible sequel. The film has a lot of potentials to be great that can be carried over on its sequel. Doctor Strange is like another Iron Man movie with the same protagonist but with no army, less shooting, and more magic.


The story starts with Stephen Strange, a well-known neurosurgeon yet arrogant and wealthy that is living the life until he got to an accident and basically ruined his hands thus, ending his career. Unable to accept what happened, he spent his entire fortune healing himself by means of medicine but failed. He then traveled to Nepal where he met ‘The Ancient One‘(portrayed by Tilda Swinton) that has the capability to heal him, and just to find out that not in a way that he knows but through spiritual aspect or magic, in which he refused to, but later on accepted the teaching of The Ancient One, as her student.

Basically, it has the same structure to any Marvel films but Doctor Strange is offering a different recipe and a taste of something new yet similar.


Good and Bad

Some of the not so bad sides of Marvel films are also found in Doctor Strange like love and villains. Rachel McAdams portrays the love interest in the film that is grounded and did not leave a bad taste to Doctor Strange but not given enough screentime. On the other note, Mads Mikkelsen’s Kaecilius is forgettable and not-so-villain in the film since the character he portrays, is a man who believes in something else rather than following his master’s teachings and not really seeking to end the entire world. On the good side, Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton offered strong characters in the film. Tilda Swinton made the film look good with her mystique performance and a great fit alongside with Benedict.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

Benedict is the perfect match to Doctor Strange. The way he delivered Doctor Strange in a funny yet serious way despite his Sherlock Holmes character, comes with a good American accent. Doctor Strange and Sherlock Holmes are both smart but not the same, yet he was able to depict the difference.




Overall, there are some parts that felt rushed in the first few minutes but it won’t leave you disappointed. I find some character’s screen time irrelevant and not needed and was just added for the sake of the character.

Technically, the visuals and effects of the film are great and well-made. It reminds me of Inception, though not something new, but the mind-bending structures that add strangeness leaves you in awe like you are under some sort of illusion.

The film might not be as action-packed as other Marvel films, but Doctor Strange delivered just the right amount of everything in a Marvel movie. It is funny yet thrilling with an unexpected way to end the film.

Doctor Strange is strange enough to keep you on your seat and offers you a different side of Marvel films that lets you keep wanting for more.


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