Selfies have become a huge part of our lives and Facebook knows this. The social media application has been doing its best to improve their users’ experience as well as encourage them to engage with other people more. Today, it was reported that Facebook will be using an AI to improve blinking selfies.

This AI was introduced in a research paper that specifies a method where closed eyes can be retouched in photos. It mentions that the method is still in its research stage. According to the paper, it uses a machine learning method called a generative adversarial network (GAN) which is known for generating imagery. This method has been used in the past so it is highly possible that it can solve blinking photos as well.

In order for the method to be perfect, it has to figure out the subject’s eye shape, color, as well as other details to successfully recreate it and transfer it on the closed eye through the process of “in-painting”.

There is still no confirmation whether this new method will be launched soon but there is a high possibility that users may see it soon.


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