Simple Guidelines on how to obtain a student driver’s license

If you’re planning to have your personal car, you basically need to secure your driver’s license. The first driver’s license you’ll be getting is the Student driver’s license. This license covers a validity of only a year which enables the owner to fully understand the basic traffic rules and to develop driving skills.

In this article, it will cover the process and what are the general requirements in obtaining a student driver’s license. Process usually takes place in any LTO licensing centers or in any partner licensing hub near your place.

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What are the qualifications in obtaining a student driver’s license?

A future applicant must be at least 17 years old. He/She must be physically and psychologically healthy to operate a vehicle and lastly can understand Filipino and English languages fluently.

What are the basic requirements?

First, the applicant must fill-out the application form. You can download the form through this link. Applicant must avoid erasures and ensure that all information is true and correct. For employed applicants, TIN identification number is required. Lastly, an original and a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate.

If ever that the birth certificate is not available, the applicant may submit a join affidavit of two impartial people who can testify on the age and identity of the applicant. A file from the local civil registry and NSO must be attached.

The applicant may also present valid identification papers or ids like GSIS, SSS, Phil health and any government issued identification cards.

For applicants below 18 years old must present a written permission from the parents or from the attending guardians.  The consent must be presented with a copy of a valid ID as proof of character. If the parents or guardians are not available, the written permission should be notarized.


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The Process Proper

Once your requirements are complete, you can directly go to the nearest LTO licensing center for application. If you can’t download the application form, you can ask a copy of form at LTO licensing center and fill out it there.

Upon reaching the center, get a number and wait for your turn. Once your number is called, submit your documents and the attending clerk will check them for verification.  They will call your name once your submitted documents are verified; you can now proceed with the picture and signature taking.

After taking picture and signature, you may now proceed to cashier and pay the designated fees. Don’t forget to ask an official receipt.  After that, you may go to the releasing section and present your official receipt to claim your student driver’s license.

The standard fee for a student license is Php317.63. It includes the student permit fee, application fee and computer fee.


This type of license is also a preparation for LTO Driving test to obtain the next level of driver’s license – the non-professional and professional driver’s license. Once you failed the exam twice, you will be prohibited to apply for a license for a year.  You can use reviewers online to be able to surpass the LTO exam.


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