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Huawei is caught tweeting from an iPhone


In a not-so-welcoming New Year for Huawei, the company’s Twitter account with over 500k followers is caught tweeting from iPhone. Despite the PR team of Huawei deleting the tweet within a few hours, the people were fast enough to react over the gaffe and shared the incident in social media channels before becoming viral all over the web.

Tech Youtuber MKBHD is the one who took a screenshot of the tweet and shared it to his over 3 million followers. It also happens that MKBHD has caught the same issue last year when Brand Ambassador Gal Gadot’s Twitter account has promoted the Huawei Mate 10 over a tweet but through an iPhone.

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Two people from Huawei’s PR team got demoted and fined by the company, which is just a right move in order to avoid the same bad stunt in the future.

On the other hand, Huawei Malaysia’s Twitter account is also on fire because it was also caught tweeting a New Year’s celebration using an iPhone. However, the team behind the tweet is lucky as the main Huawei Technologies’ account took the spotlight.

Huawei Malaysia caught tweeting from an iPhone

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