DxOmark unveiled the score of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro a week ago taking the number one spot. However, that took several weeks to be publicly posted. But the same goes for the Pocophone F1 (better late than never) garnering an overall score of 91, leaving behind the Google Pixel (90) and trailing the iPhone 8 (92).

In terms of photography, the affordable flagship of 2018 gain praise with its “excellent autofocus performance, nice flash pictures, and pleasant color in all tested conditions“. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, exposure comes out “generally accurate“. On the flip side, it falls shorts on low light photography particularly the details, shots on zoom, and bokeh effect that’s “on par part with single-cam devices that implement a digital zoom” instead.


Video performance seems to share the same story. It came out with “excellent autofocus with good tracking” and effective stabilization but still limited on dynamic range and “low detail in most conditions“, probably partly because of “exposure and white balance instabilities“.

All in all, the Pocophone F1 remains to be an attractive buy considering it almost closed out twice the price of its competitor.

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