Home Tech News RCBC goes bot crazy with @AskRC Philippine’s first bank-based chatbot

RCBC goes bot crazy with @AskRC Philippine’s first bank-based chatbot


Talk about beating its competition to the curb. RCBC officially unveils @AskRC – the country’s first-ever bank-run chatbot that is intelligent enough to converse and reply to both account holders and inquirers alike from something as simple as searching for ATM or branch locations towards today’s FOREX and NAVPU rates.

RCBC, one of the leading banks in the Philippines, understands the need to provide customers information when they need it – and with great customer experience at the heart of its strategy, RCBC has always pursued technologies that would make financial services useful and easily accessible to the customers.ts customers – utilizing relevant technology in providing customers with an innovative customer service that keeps pace with and always attuned to their ever-changing needs.

“Customer experience is engraved in the heart of RCBC’s core strategy as an institution. The creation of Ask RC reflects RCBC’s goal in providing its client with a customer experience that will make their lives easier,” said Gil Buenaventura, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Instead of the usual experience of firing up a browser, typing in the RCBC online address, as well as keying-in significant details, it will be now as simple as looking for @AskRC inside Facebook Messenger. Sure it’s not one to be able to have easter eggs built into the AI’s (for now) limited capabilities but RCBC promises that @AskRC will soon be ready to handle other services such as balance inquiries, bill payments, and more complicated bank transactions.

The fact that Ask RC is messenger-based makes the system even more user-friendly and accessible considering that there is an estimated 60 million Filipinos on Facebook.

“We hope that the introduction of Ask RC will grant Filipinos a more convenient way of interacting with RCBC. Ask RC will allow users to inquire about bank information in real time, any time of the day or night, wherever they are,” said Margarita Lopez, First Senior Vice President, Group Head for Digital Banking and Operations.

“We value enabling the success of our customers and RCBC puts a premium on the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships with our valued customers, and others who may need financial information, by giving them services that matter to them,” Lopez shared.

“We know that by launching Ask RC, we will be able to reach out and respond to our customers faster and more efficiently. By utilizing such modern technology, we are able to make the lives of our customers easier and information nearer to them. Ask RC was designed with the benefit of our customers in mind and we hope that as we learn from what our customers ask of RC, it will really bring our customers closer to what they financially aspire for and make their dreams within easy reach. So please, go ahead and @AskRC so that we can help you achieve your goals,” Lopez added.

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