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RELX Pod System (Starter Kit) Review – Affordable Vape for Beginners


RELX is a new company in the Philippines that distributes vapes. The  RELX Pod System is a vaping device that has a price of at least P1,600. Our review unit is the cheapest starter kit which includes 1 x RELX Starter Kit and 1 x pre-filled pod. Aiming to provide affordable e-cigarette or vape for beginners and newbies, is it worth it? Let’s find out.


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The RELX Starter Kit box includes the user manual, MicroUSB charging cable, 1 x pre-filled RELX pod, and RELX Mod Battery. For the vape device itself, it comes in a sleek, rounded but flat design. It’s like a small power bank and a highlighter combined. The aluminum finish adds that cold and smooth feel that we’ve come to love from premium vape devices. And if you’re looking to charge the device, the MicroUSB port is found on the bottom portion. Together with the RELX pod, the entire thing weighs 25g only. It’s very light, compact, and easily pocketable. There’s a magnetic lock that keeps the pod tight and secured. However, we did find minor movements when the two are attached.

Most tenured vapers may find the pre-filled pods to be disappointing, given the fact that they can’t refill the pods. However, if you’re a beginner, you’d want to puff as soon as possible. You don’t want to spend a lot of time what e-liquid should you be using.

Color-wise, the RELX Kit comes in blue, black, gray, pink, red, and gold colors. You can follow RELX on its Facebook and Instagram accounts to see its new products.

Performance and Battery

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Using the RELX Pod System is easy — take out the device and pop in the pod along with the battery. You can then start puffing. There’s a sensor that reacts when you’re dragging and we found no problem during our usage.

The battery is rated at 350mAh, while it looks small on paper, it’s advertised to deliver up to 3 days worth of battery life. On a full charge, you can do 200 pulls at most. Now, this entirely depends on your usage. If you’re a heavy user, we can see this thing dying the second day. Our time with it delivered more than two days of battery life, partly because of the 6W power of the pod itself. Charging the pod takes around 45 mins only.

Pods and Flavors

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For the starter kits, the default flavor is Mint. It has 5% nicotine (nic, hereafter) strength. It’s a good flavor for first-time vapers (but not for switchers), it provides a soothing and cool feeling. Best to do short drags first then finding the right pull for you along the way. Each pod with 2ml capacity is rated for 650 pulls. If you want a different flavor, here are your other options:

  • Pink Zest (3% nic strength)
  • Fresh Red (3% nic strength)
  • Blue Burst (3% nic strength)
  • Fruit (5% nic strength)
  • Classic Tobacco (5% nic strength)
  • Ludou Ice (3% nic strength)
  • Fresh Cucumber (3% nic strength)
  • Tropical Fruit (3% nic strength)
  • Fruit Tea (3% nic strength)
  • White Freeze (3% nic strength)
  • Lemon Tea (3% nic strength)
  • Green Tea (3% nic strength)


RELX Pod System is a great option if you’re a beginner looking for affordable vapes. The lightweight design of the pod feels solid and premium, thanks to the aluminum finish. There’s also a good battery life that charges in less than an hour only. Beginners shouldn’t worry about pre-filled pods, as they don’t need to be hands-on and in-depth when it comes to flavors. If you’re interested, there are three starter kits for you to choose from. Then, if you happen to enjoy the RELX experience, you can try their memberships that let you save up to P4,500.

For those who’re interested, you can order directly through its website, or have it delivered to your front door with Lazada and Shopee.


  • Quality vape
  • Affordable complete kit
  • Safe electronics circuitry
  • Reliable battery


  • No trial for membership programs


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