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Tinder Launches New Paid Features : Tinder PLUS


Love hunting via Tinder will now cost a penny.

The popular mobile app, Tinder used to let love seekers to use the app for FREE. By simply swiping ‘right’ the user can easily connect to the profiles they like, and by swiping ‘left’ they can pass on the profiles they don’t, thus letting an estimated 50 million people to sign up since its debut on August 2012. But the popular dating app has decided to demand costs from the customers, as it rolled out a pair of new paid features on Monday to the new premium addition Tinder Plus.

“We’ve priced Tinder plus based on a combination of factors, including what we’ve learned through our testing, and we’ve found that these price points were adopted very well by certain age demographics,” said a spokeswoman from Tinder.

Prices differ throughout the world and also differ in different age group. In developing countries, the monthly fee is closer to $2.99 or Php131.84 per month. While in the US the base cost for the new, highly anticipated features for Tinder Plus is $9.99 or Php440.99 per month. But for people age 30 and up, it will run on $19.99 or Php881.42 per month, this is because Tinder thinks older users can afford higher prices.

This update gives users three new features: the Passport, Rewind and Unlimited ‘liking’ capabilities.

The Passport, lets those searching for love to change their location and connect with people anywhere around the globe. User can now initially swipe before to going on a vacation or moving long distance. And also it will allow users to search by city and begin swiping and chatting in any destination of their preference.

The Rewind lets user to have a do-over if he ever unintentionally swipe ‘right’ someone you didn’t want to connect with or swipe ‘left’ some you want to. It will also allow user to either pull someone back, or shove someone out to the Tindersphere.

The Unlimited ‘liking’ capabilities on the other hand provides limitless likes.

With this new paid premium update, some say that Tinder will most likely get monetizing problems.

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