More and more banks have started to provide more services in the form of mobile applications. This was done in order to aid customers with a more efficient way of banking where they wouldn’t have to personally visit the bank or an ATM to check their account details.

An example of these mobile applications is the Citi Mobile App. It helps its user with basic actions like checking their account balance, paying bills, and transferring funds, but that’s not all it has to it. The Citi Mobile App also contains features that allow its users to easily handle all their credit card matters.

The Citi Mobile App lets the customer access a personalized view of their card accounts. They can easily toggle between each card face which carries the last 4 digits of their card accounts. Underneath each card are balances, transactions, statements and available credit limit. In addition, keeping track of rewards and card benefits are made even easier.


Having the app enables the user to make transactions anywhere. This includes viewing the user’s statements in the last 12 months with the option of downloading it. Not only will the user be able to confirm these statements, but it will also aid them in supervising their finances. Users may also activate a new card through the app itself and create their Cash Advance PIN.

Had an unexpected expense? If qualified, you can easily convert a portion of your outstanding balance or a purchase worth at least P3,000 into monthly installments. This is especially advantageous for working people with monthly wages. Eligible cardholders may also instantly avail of cash from their card’s available credit limit without having to fill out forms or submit additional paperwork.

Navigating the mobile app is simple as well. In order to look for a specific transaction, the user simply needs to type in the merchant’s name and the app will automatically search for it. The card’s security has also been enhanced as the app includes an option that lets the user lock their card when they misplace it. Unlocking the card afterward is easy as well.

Overall, the Citi Mobile App provides multiple features that some similar mobile applications lack. This is a must-have for Citi customers who are in need of a time-efficient and easy to use mobile banking app. You may download the Citi Mobile App through this link:

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