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2020 iPhones Hinted to Come with 5G and OLED Screens


Although we haven’t seen yet the successor to the iPhone Xr and Xs, we are getting rumors already about next year’s iPhones. According to a reputable source, 5G is coming to iPhones in 2020, and OLED is expected to become a standard across the lineup.

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2020 iPhones with 5G

Apple has been in a rollercoaster when it comes to 5G support. Earlier reports pointed out that it’s going to use Intel’s 5G modem for future iPhones. But after settling at least $4.5 billion with Qualcomm, the popular chipset maker is now Apple’s 5G modem supplier. Which is a good thing given how well Qualcomm’s modems perform better than Apple’s in the past few years. That said, it’s only a matter of when since other manufacturers, like Samsung and LG, have been releasing its own 5G-capable phones.

iPhones next year will sport OLED screens

According to Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, iPhones in 2020 will support 5G, this includes a smaller 5.4″ model and a larger 6.7″ model (he’s most likely talking about the Xs and Xs Max). If you are expecting the less expensive iPhone Xr to come with 5G, well, it won’t. But on the flip side, the Retina LED panel is going to be changed with an OLED panel. In other words, you can expect pretty much the same color quality and contrast ratio with more expensive iPhones. He further mentioned that all iPhones will support 5G in 2021.

Kuo has a good track record when it comes to iPhone rumors, like predicting three iPhone models back in 2018.

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