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Last year, the Moto G6 series was one of the most beloved affordable phones, at least in some Western and European countries. All thanks to its clean Android software, premium design, and reasonable price. One year later, the company introduced the Moto G7 series with pretty much the same affair. But due to the release of the insane camera of the Redmi Note 7 and Samsung Galaxy M series as well as the existence of the Pocophone F1, the aforementioned Moto lineup seems to be facing doomsday right even before it lands Philippines shores. And this has something to do with the way Moto believes in their devices, three reasons to be precise.

Moto G7 Series Incompetent Launch Price

  1. G7 Play ($200)
  2. G7 Power ($250)
  3. G7 ($300)
  4. G7 Plus ($350)

Compared to the $150 Redmi Note 7 and another $150 Realme 3, Moto’s pricing is just incompetent. If you’re really all for its premium glass and metal design and near-stock Android experience, go ahead. But for $350, you can even get the affordable flagship Pocophone F1 plus accessories.

Below Average Specs

Moto G7 Play Gold with 2GB/32GB RAM and storage

The Moto G7 Plus has the most powerful mobile processor with the Snapdragon 636 followed by the SD 632 of the rest. At this price point, it’s just not acceptable. What’s even worse is that the battery except for the G7 Power only tops at 3000mAh. And did we mention that the G7 Play only comes with 2GB of RAM? If you want to get at least 3GB, you need to spend $370 for the G7 Power.

It’s a Moto smartphone

JBL Soundboost, Insta Share mini projector, Incipcio Offgrid battery pack case Moto Mods
JBL Soundboost, Incipcio Offgrid, InstaShare mini projector — all with extra battery

We’ve seen this before and we’re seeing it again. Moto or Lenovo rather just can’t shake the competition to its favor. They can’t seem to gain momentum even in the last year of their moto mods. They know their phones are pricier than its family category but they refuse to put something that would justify or support it. If it’s Samsung, it would be understandable, except they’re not. They don’t have that Super AMOLED screen that’s almost exclusive to Samsung.

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With all that said, it’s pretty hard to see how the lineup of Moto G7 will capture the saturated market of affordable mid-range phones this year. Especially when Chinese smartphones are on the rise.

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