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The Surface Go is Microsoft’s latest attempt into the student and budget laptop segment of the market. It’s both portable and capable but with a few minor caveats. Price aside, the Surface Go is one of the best Windows tablets and even better than the current iPad Pro if we talk about practicality.

Here’s why the new Surface Go is a better buy than Apple’s 2018 iPad tablets.

Full fledge computer programs

Running in Windows 10 Home, the Surface Go is compatible with all full-fledged Windows programs ranging from PC versions of Adobe Photoshop to Microsoft Office. It also means you can install apps that are designed for laptop and PC compared to iOS-limited apps of the iPad Pro.

Expandable memory

The internal storage of the tablet can go up to 128GB SSD. Additionally, you can add more memory thru the microSDX which has 128GB limit although theoretically you can add up to 2TB provided it’s a branded card.


Convertible design

No need for those bulky cover and keyboard accessory in order to have flexibility in your Surface Go. The kickstand has the support of tablet to flat mode and could even give a better lap experience than a wobbly on-keyboard cover mode on the iPad Pro.

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If you need more oomph for multitasking, the Surface Go has laptop-grade RAM slot that could house up to 8GB RAM. This is better flexibility for those wanting to work on different windows and tabs in web browsing.

True multitasking and file manager

Perhaps the biggest advantage of running in Windows OS over the mobile iOS is the PC-like features on it, especially the File Manager built-in experience. It is more convenient for switching and completing the tasks in the Surface than on the limited file management of the iOS.

All-new 2018 iPad Pro 11 and 12.9


The biggest advantage of the Surface Go over the iPad Pros is the affordability. For half the price, you would have a portable PC with premium specs. For less than $470 price, you could have a Surface Go 4GB RAM and a Surface keyboard together. Optional 3rd party pens are also available for lesser SRP.

Pro users could opt for the Surface Pro 6 than the iPad Pro

The $800 starting price of the iPad Pro will have stiff competition against the more powerful Windows machines like the Surface Pro 6. So it’s also recommended for those users who will need more power to have the SP6 in your alternatives when going for $800 to $1000 budget.

Nonetheless, if you want portability without sacrificing the PC-like features, then the Surface Go is a recommended product in your buy-list.

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  1. If you’re not looking for a toy get the Surface Pro. It’s a full-pledge PC in a 2-in-1 form factor while the iPad Pro is just pretending to be one.

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