It may not be the most usual of things to be looking for in the market but it certainly got our attention.

Mabuhay, Manila. You got Drew here for and this is our review of the Universal Box – a 6-in-1 digital box exclusively distributed by Mega Cellular.

The first thing you’ ll notice here will be the old school build of wood that covers the entire box.

The front is a little busy with ports and knobs starting from the speakers that take up most of the left side. Top right starts with the volume knob then continues to a USB port for karaoke and media files as well as an LED tuner for radio and playback. Finally, it’s the karaoke port complete with mic volume and echo or reverb for effects.

The backside is just as busy with an antenna for the radio, the power switch below directly above the coaxial port for the digital TV antenna. The Universal box also includes an HDMI port, RCA, left and right audio port for extension and the DC in port for power.

Setting up is a simple affair as plugging in the power cable, screwing in the coaxial cable, and the video and audio out of choice from RCA or HDMI.

Powering up will prove to be a bit confusing as some aspects of the function of the Universal box will rely on the remote control included.

After figuring out the buttons from the manual, it should be a simple affair on choosing which feature you wish cued up.

The radio works much like any other radio available with scanning in tow.

The digital TV will need to be set-up quite a while where you let the digital box search for channels available for you.

Standard channels are available in clear quality, surprisingly, and it caught more than the standard ABS CBN and GMA channels.

The karaoke part of the 6-in-1 needs *.kar files that enable you the use of lyrics. Microphones will be sold separately but it works well within resonable considering the price you got this for.

The TVR part or the TV recorder part will also need to be set-up with a hard disk drive so the digital box will have somewhere to save to. It will also require choosing channels and times for which shows to save.

The same USB port can be used for multimedia playback with much the same controls of choosing the type of media to play and scanning through your folders as to what you want to play exactly.

Bluetooth speaker feature is a simple affair of connecting your bluetooth enables phone to connect and play music.

Overall the Universal Box by Mega Cellular is a good deal specially with all the features you are getting for only P2,999 exclusively available in all Mega Cellular stores nationwide.

What do you think of the 6-in-1 Universal Box?

Let us know at the comments section below.


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