apec delegates myphone tab gift philippines

APEC delegates receive a MyPhone tablet specifically built for them, with their names engraved on the back of the device, which is carried by very luxurious bag. Lets get close to these special gifts courtesy of MyPhone and the Philippines.

There are no specific specs for these tablets, though the one things for certain, its a Windows tab. The particular MyPhone Windows Tab is yet to be determined, though the bagging and engraving of the delegate’s name on the back is really sophisticated and prestigious-like.

Hopefully, the delegates enjoy their gifts as much as they enjoyed their stay here in the Philippines, we might get see what these particular MyPhone devices are, though, my money is on a possible upcoming MyPhone Windows tab that is yet to be released. For now, what we can do is wait. By the way, all photos are credited to Ms. Pia Hontiveros of CNN Philippines.

myphone apec delegates gift philippines

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What do you think of these luxurious looking Windows tab from MyPhone? Are they somewhat upcoming devices or already existing ones? Share us your thoughts on the comments section below. We highly appreciate feedbacks from you guys.

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Source: Pia Hontivero’s twitter account

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