Home Tech News Apple delays $29 battery replacement for iPhone 6 Plus

Apple delays $29 battery replacement for iPhone 6 Plus


Apple initially said that the discount will be available in late January, fortunately, they offered the discount ahead of time. However, iPhone 6 Plus users will have to wait until March-April.

The discounted battery replacement for the iPhone 6 plus will be delayed due to limited stocks. Users will have to wait late March to early April in the United States and other regions.

Just before 2017 ended, Apple posted a public apology to its costumers regarding the slowing of iPhones with older batteries. As an apology, the company promised to give a huge discount for out-of-warranty battery replacement. The original price of the battery replacement was $79 dollars but because of the confusion that the company caused, they’ll offer it for $29 instead. However, the special offer won’t be around for too long. It’ll be discounted only for a year.

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