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Apple iPhone XS Max takes second spot on DxOMark


Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone XS Max finally got its score on DxOMark. Although there’s nothing specifically different with the iPhone XS Max’s rear cameras compared to its predecessor, it surprisingly got a high score from DxOMark, that it even took the second spot.

The iPhone XS Max scored 110 in the photo category, and 96 for its videos. Overall, DxOMark gave the latest iPhone a score of 105, which is just 4 points short from the top spot. As per DxOMark, the iPhone XS Max excels in both photo and video. the in-depth review of the company also touches various aspects such as bokeh, zoom, flash, noise, etc.

Looking at the bigger picture, even with the iPhone XS Max’s expensive price tag, it still doesn’t have the best cameras. This proves that the Huawei P20 Pro still has the best rear cameras as of the moment.


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