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How to Apply for NBI Clearance Online Application 2017

How to Apply for Online NBI Clearance Application 2017

Be it for foreign or local needs, there are always people in need of an NBI Clearance. In light of the subject, below is the fastest and only way accepted to apply for an NBI Clearance.

Step by Step on How to Accomplish the NBI PH Online Application

1.) Go to the official updated site: https://www.nbi-clearance.com/. An online application is the most updated and the fastest method to book an NBI Clearance appointment.
2.) Create your own login account and PIN for security purposes.
3.) Complete and confirm your information filled in the Application form before you submit. After signing up and filling in the form successfully, click the Save Information.
4.) Upon completing the Application form, click Apply for Clearance.
5.) Enter your PIN code and type in the TYPE OF VALID ID that you would present upon claiming your NBI Clearance.

6.) Applicants are advised to book their chosen appointment Date and Time in advance. There are no bookings available on the same date of online registration.
7.)Choose whether you would like your NBI Clearance delivered Door to door or Pickup at your chosen NBI office.

Note: All offices now implement the rule “NO APPOINTMENT, NO ENTRY POLICY,” so be sure to note your appointment down.

8.) Choose the method of payment and be sure to list down the Reference Number or print out your Application Form in order to pay the necessary amount.
9.) After completing the payment, you may check your application status on the Transactions option to see if it is already PAID.

NBI Clearance Payments:

How to Pay
Applicants are given the choice to choose between Bank over the bank, Online Bank, Mobile Payment, MultiPay and Bayad Center.

How Much to Pay
The payment amount will appear upon completion of pickup/door to door details and payment method (Php 75 – 300 depending on the number of copies and type).

NBI Clearance Releasing:

Usually, most NBI Clearances are released upon attending the appointment date. However, circumstances like similar names and other reasons may delay the release by one or more weeks.

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