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Budget-friendly Gift Ideas from Starmobile and JUMPU


In love but on a budget? Torn between breaking the bank or breaking your lover’s
heart? Cursing the universe for scheduling Valentine’s Day on petsa-de- peligro before sweldo? Starmobile and JUMPU will put your heart at ease as it presents techie gift ideas that are both beautiful and useful, while still leaving you with enough funds for a candle-lit dinner for two.

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Starmobile UP Groove (Php 3,490): for the music-lover
Equipped with a PocketPunch loudspeaker, this 5-inch dual-SIM Android Nougat smartphone lets your loved one fill up a room or enjoy music even when outside.

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Starmobile UP Selfie (Php 6,990): for the selfie-lover
A dual-SIM Android Nougat smartphone, the Starmobile UP Selfie is one of the most affordable dual-front camera phones out there. Featuring a 13MP StarSelfie cam, the UP Selfie can make anyone shine bright like a star with stunning selfies and groufies.


JUMPU Ongaku-S (Php 4,990): for the style-lover
When #MusicIsLife, you can never go wrong with a wireless speaker with clear audio and full bass like the JUMPU Ongaku-S. Enabled with Near Field Communication (NFC), it allows you to control your playlist using your smartphone even from afar.


JUMPU Tsuyoi-S (Php 1,290): for the adventure-lover
Do you and your SO bond over travel? The water-resistant and shock-proof JUMPU Tsuyoi S can be a great companion, as it would let you enjoy your favorite songs while camping, hiking, or chilling after a swim on the seashore.


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