The Department of Information and Communications Technology confirmed that they are on track in letting China Telecom use the government’s and possibly Facebook’s submarine landing stations too in the Philippines. This was confirmed as they signed the first step which is the letter of intent.

China Telecom is said to rollout submarine fiber cables connecting Hong Kong, USA, and the Philippines. This rollout of infrastructure is in-line with Mislatel Consortium or Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company partnered with China Telecom becoming the 3rd major telco player as confirmed by NTC this Monday.

Along with the corporate intentions of China Telecom, both the Chinese and Philippine have agreed to boost up the broadband plans like 4G and 5G, and free WiFi for the public in our country. The successful roll out of the fiber cables could eventually make the government’s internet more reliable and faster.

You can find out more about Mislatel Consortium here.

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