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Dito Telecom to start selling SIM Cards this year


The 3rd telecom or Dito Telecommunity previously announced that they will start their full network operation by Q1 of 2020 from the October 2019 target in order to provide a seamless and better service.

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Now, Dito’s spokesperson has hinted that they may eventually start distributing or selling SIM cards to select establishments and consumers this year. They do not have exact details but their target is to have working SIM cards from October to December 2019.

This confirms that Dito Telecommunity has indeed started its network roll-out and operation in the Philippines this 2019. They just wanted to have a reliable service once they will start commercial operation–which is a reason why they pushed back their service launch.

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With the launch of Dito Telecommunity, both Globe and PLDT-SMART will be required to improve their service and reduce the pricing. In this situation, the consumer wins.

Dito is a consortium owned by Dennis Uy’s Udenna and Chelsea, and China Telecom.

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