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Fingerprint vs Iris vs Facial scanner: Which offers better security?

Fingerprint vs Iris vs Facial scanner: Which offers better security?

Does nobody have the same fingerprint, iris, facial pattern?

As there is technology ramping up security, many companies had developed ways that could be used in accessing the security of a device. Be it unlocking devices through fingerprint, iris and facial, we already have it this generation.

It is true that nobody has the same fingerprint?

Seen first in the Toshiba G500 and G900 in 2007, fingerprint scanners had been utilized since then. Statistician Francis Galton said that having the same fingerprint is only possible in a case of 1 in 64,000,000,000. Yet, the downside is wet and moist fingerprint are hard to detect from some handset.

Depending on the convenience of a person, some prefer fingerprint scanners than manual password input because it is easier. Almost all mid-range or high-end smartphones today integrates the use of fingerprint scanners for security.

How about similar iris patterns?

Commonly used in biometric identification, iris patterns are said to be like fingerprints. In iris scanners, it involves mathematical pattern-recognition techniques so some say it provides better accuracy than fingerprint scanners.

Marios Savvides, head of the CyLab Biometrics Center at Carnegie Mellon University stated that iris patterns are more stable than the fingerprint of a person over their lifetime. The first smartphone to bear it is the Fujitsu’s Arrows NX F-04G back in 2015.

Are facial recognitions just as effective?

By comparing selected facial features from the image and a face database, the device could recognize the user. However, there are some issues that such things could be easily compromised. Yet, the Apple iPhone X recommends that users under 13 or have a twin should not use their Face ID since their facial features may not have developed fully yet.


Bottomline is, it depends on the user which they find the most convenient since all the three provide the security anybody needs. If you’re not that into putting your face directly into smartphones, choosing fingerprint scanners is the best for you. On the contrary of that, you could choose iris or facial recognition for your satisfaction. Well, there are some smartphones that offer two among the three security options. There are also some that sports all three.

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