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Galaxy Note 7 now called as “Galaxy Note 7R”


The fire-catching Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – to be sold as Galaxy Note 7R.

R for Refurbished?

Samsung first denied the rumor – selling the Note 7s as refurbished phones for emerging markets but because of their “three principles” regarding minimizing electronic waste, the South Korean giant eventually confirmed it.

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To further cement that fact, alleged live images of the Galaxy Note 7R just surfaced online.


The main focal reason why the fire started – because Samsung became “too ambitious“(according to readers) by putting a 3500mAh battery capacity.

3200mAh = safe?


Samsung won’t let that happen again that’s why they replaced it with a smaller 3200mAh capacity, as seen in the leaked image. That, of course, went on the new 8-point battery check to make sure it won’t burn your car, house, or your skin.

So what should we expect if it ever reaches Philippine shores? Shorter battery life.

Not for everyone


Just as mentioned earlier, the Galaxy Note 7R is only for emerging markets such as Vietnam and India. It may even make to some regions in Europe.

But it won’t be that simple as the deciding decision will fall under “consultations with regulatory authorities and carriers”, as well as local demand.

{Source: via Phonearena, Androidcentral}

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