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Ranking Globe, Smart, SUN in Speed – Which is the best?

Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular 3G 4G LTE Speed, Ping, Reliability

Just recently, Rappler shared statistic on the current state of mobile broadband in the Philippines. And according to their report, which was based on credible sources including OpenSignal and Akamai, the major network or telco players here such as Globe and Smart still provide below average speed compared to other countries in South East Asia.

Another interesting info is the cost of data (per gigabyte) in the Philippines is cheaper compared to Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Smart Telecom, being the cheapest in the country with Php 175.8/GB rate. Truth be told, the cost is somehow the redeeming service that our local telco players provide right now.

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In terms of overall national speed and reliability, however, Globe ranks on the top spot beating Smart and SUN Cellular in the download, upload, reliability, and ping.

OpenSignal September 2015 report shows that Globe has 3.40 Mbps download, 1.74 Mbps upload, and ping of 163 ms (lower means faster) in both 3G and 4G coverage. Smart PH follows with 2.68 Mbps D/L, 1.34 Mbps U/L, and 241 ms ping. Reliability is close with Globe having 88.38% and Smart with 87.81%.

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In 4G LTE category, again Globe emerges on top with an average speed of 9.08 Mbps download and 7.24 Mbps upload. Smart lags behind at the 2nd spot with 6.15 Mbps and 4.09 Mbps, download and upload, respectively.

We also performed a research on the OpenSignal using their website application in determining the coverage, download and upload rates, ping, and reliability. Note that results are not 100% accurate and our test is performed on last week of January 2016.

Results of Speed, Ping, Reliability Check for Globe, Sun, Smart in the Philippines

Speed Globe Sun Smart PH in Metro Manila, Pasay NAIA, Quezon City, Taguig, Makati
Metro Manila

You can check the rest of the locations we’ve covered down in the gallery below which includes: Bulacan/Pangasinan, Bacolod City in Negros Occidental, Metro Davao, Metro Cebu, Iloilo and Guimaras in Panay, and Boracay in Aklan.

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