Huawei sure is a winner when they released their flagship smartphone, Huawei P20 Pro. Being the first to get the triple camera technology with 40-megapixel, it’s no wonder why Huawei P20 Pro is the top when it comes to photo shooting.

According to XDA, the camera will be improved in the upcoming software update of Huawei P20 Pro. It will come with a super slow-motion video recording which can record videos at 960 fps. This slow-mo feature will be available with a resolution of 720p according to rumors. Another thing is that in just 0.1 seconds, you can record a video in slow-motion that means five or six seconds when video slows down.

Aside from slow-motion, Huawei added a zoom interface which you can do such action in just a swipe. As of now, date of the update release is unknown. So we still have to wait for the official announcement.



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