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How to increase battery life on Android 7.0 Nougat smartphones

Android 7.0 Nougat battery capacity or optimization: Ways to increase battery life

Is your smartphone’s battery draining fast?

A battery is one of the most necessary things to look out for when choosing a smartphone. However, as how much the capacity of the smartphone, it’s battery doesn’t seem to last. Hence, battery optimization was integrated into the OS of Android smartphones to aid consumers increase battery life.


Is Battery capacity important?

Unsurprisingly, the answer is YES since in comparing the battery life of a 3,000mAh and a 3,500mAh… even a 1-2 hour difference can make a significant usage time for consumers. When submitting two smartphones in a battery endurance test, of course, people would choose the one with the much longer battery time. However…

It’s not the end! Battery optimization got your back

That said, it’s a huge possibility for users to increase their battery life in many methods amid their small battery capacity. Without further ado, here are the methods we know about to increase the life of Android device running on Nougat OS:

DOZE MODE: The Doze mode is simply like Sleep mode but lets notifications pop out. But this time, the feature makes users choose their selected apps that they want to be notified with.

DO NOT DISTURB: Setting your smartphone to DO Not Disturb, Sleep or Airplane mode could save power as well. Since it doesn’t allow the device to connect to any network, it could also contribute to your work/sleep for you not to be distracted. It’s just like hitting two birds with one stone.

ADAPTIVE/AUTO BRIGHTNESS, VIBRATE: Obvious for some but not for all, users should not use Auto brightness since it consumes power. Choosing to lower the brightness of the smartphone is much preferred to save power. But! Be sure that the brightness you adjust to will be suited for your eyes. Aside from that, vibrate and the haptic feedback (vibrate from keyboard) also consumes power so it’s best to turn that off too.

GREENIFY: The app to optimize power is called Greenify. The app freezes apps in the background so that power could be saved since the apps are not used. Along with Doze 2.0, no doubt that your smartphone will save more power.

BLACK WALLPAPER: Smartphones with AMOLED screens tend to illuminate colored pixels so it’s advisable to use dark colored/black wallpapers so lighting them up will just use little power.

MONITOR APPS: It’s best as well to turn off apps that aren’t used too since it consumes power be it little, it still contributes to saving battery nonetheless.

BATTERY SAVER: This is a common practice for some battery conscious people. The battery saver feature could be manually turned on the Settings of the device.

So, that’s all for today! Both battery capacity and optimization offer importance to a smartphone… it’s just up to the consumer to make their move! If you have any suggestions, just feel free to comment below.

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