JBL recently teamed up with the legendary record producer Quincy Jones – yep, the man behind most of America’s greatest hits including Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Now, we have here a JBL E55BT Quincy Edition up for a review to test out and see if it’s as extraordinary as Quincy.


The look of the Quincy Edition is quite identical to its base headphone. It comes in the same size and build, even the same button placement as the original variant. The difference on this one is the dark gray and gold color scheme, which is identical to Quincy Jones’ logo. The ear-cups are pretty big and feels comfy when in use.

The buttons are located on the right cup – the power switch, volume rockers, and a multi-use call control button. On the other hand, you’ll find the microUSB port on the left ear cup.

With the controls, turning the volume up and down is quite challenging but you’ll get used to it. You can play, pause or skip by double tapping the control. It has a micro usb port to charge your device. In addition to these, it is foldable and also comes with a pouch


What’s cool about this is it has Quincy Jones’ nice deep voice as a prompt. It’s like Quincy is talking to you, imagine that.

In the top of our list on why we like this headphone is the 20-hour battery life and average 2 hours charging time.

Audio Performance

We’re all about the sound quality. It has a warm feel and a nice rich sound. Every genre sounds good on these headphones. However, it is scratchy when you turn the maximum volume though.


This can be connected to two devices at the same time so while listening to your computer then someone called you on your phone. Switching will be smooth but the headphones alone doesn’t come with a microphone so, from Bluetooth, you have to plug the cord for calls. The microphone gives us good audio quality as well.

Price and Availability

This JBL E55BT Quincy Edition can be purchased at PHP 8,999 in all JBL Stores nationwide. This is definitely a good headphone if you’re not that tight on budget and willing to spend 9k for high-quality audio streaming. It’s also a plus if you’re a Quincy fan. But if you’re not, you can also check out the base JBL E55BT, which is more affordable btw.

JBL E55BT Quincy Specs and Features

  •  Quincy Signature Sound
  •  Quincy Voice Prompts
  •  20-hour battery life
  •  Seamlessly switch between devices
  •  Detachable cable with one-button
  •  Universal remote and microphone
  •  Supreme comfort and wearability

Review by: CJ Salao and Reyn Guergio


  1. I have this exact headphone and it has a built in mic (no need to plug in a cord). In fact, that’s the main reason I purchased it: wireless ability to connect to my device and allow me to make calls. I pair them to my laptop and iphone to make calls and they work good.

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