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Microsoft Lumia 650 Image Surfaced; Will the Lumia 650 Be the Lower Lumia 850?

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With the Lumia 850 hitting it high in leaks recently, it seems that Microsoft is really being open to the public in getting everyone the news of a new Lumia handsets, especially with the introduction of the Lumia 650 and a few leaks to back it up.

The Lumia 650 is rather very familiar at first glance, seemingly looking similar to the already leaked Lumia 850 (The white model handset with the exception of the gold trimming). An also easy-to-glance feature is the particular speaker slit, conveniently located on the top edge of the front panel of the handset while a  larger one is uniquely positioned on the bottom part.

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Again, similar to the Lumia 850, there is no physical home button on the said handset. The 5-incher Lumia 650 is looking good overall though we might need to learn a few more than just the basic specs to determine, whether the Lumia 650 is worth our attention, however, could it be possible that the Lumia 650 be a lower version of the Lumia 850? Send us your thoughts on the comments section and we’ll share more with you guys.

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