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Recently, Nintendo announced their upcoming free-to-play smartphone game, which is apparently the company’s first and the overall theme of the game doesn’t leave the usual  Nintendo aspects. If you’re expecting a Mario game on your phone by Nintendo, then you’ll be mildly disappointed, but if your looking for something more on home with the Wii U and Miis, well the game might fit you right.

The game app, dubbed as Miitomo is quite reminiscent of a communication, interactive application that as a player, could make their own avatar known as “Miis” and befriend a few more people using the app. Its like amiibos and Sims put together in a weird, yet could be highly entertaining app. Miis interact with other Miis, even without the use of human mediums, so for those guys , who’s got crushes and apparently couldn’t talk to their crushes in person, might get this as a way of getting close to them, virtually. Letting yout Miis do the rest, while you sit back and wait for the fireworks.

nintendo miitomo spMiis can also interact in social environments, can answer questions and share information with other people, which in reality, sounds more a bit disturbing than it is fun. The Miitomo application is expected to launch on March 2016, and as for the five other games that Nintendo is looking to launch, it seems those games are still looking a bit weary, since the games are expected to be launched on March 2017, which is exciting, since we might actually get a Mario game for the Android (i’ve got my fingers crossed!).

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What do you think of Nintendo’s first eh… game on the Android. Leave your comments on our comments section below and we might share a few more of our thoughts on it. We highly appreciate feedbacks from you guys.

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