LeBron James, a famous NBA player and official Samsung endorser handed out several Apple Watches, instead of Samsung Galaxy wearables, to his fellow Cleveland Cavaliers teammates before the NBA season’s game 2 finals as part of appreciation to team’s efforts.

samsung galaxy gear 2 manila philippines

Samsung and LeBron have been partnered since 2012. And over time, it showed LeBron as an effective spokesperson of the company. Not this time, however.

We cannot blame LBJ because it is possible that most or all of Cavaliers are on iPhones rather than on Samsung Galaxy phones. So it’s just more reasonable to give free Apple Watches instead of Galaxy gears.

There is still no reaction or response yet from LeBron or Samsung. Maybe it’s just better for Samsung to let this one pass and instead offer LBJ a set of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Galaxy Gears.

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