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Online Passport Renewal System might be available by 2019


A new system is currently being tested by the Department of Foreign Affairs or the DFA. According to Foreign Affairs Secretary, Alan Peter Cayetano, the new system will allow applicants to renew their passports online.

If launched, the online passport renewal system will greatly aid in lessening the appointments at consular offices. The public will no longer have to take great lengths in securing an appointment. Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano also mentioned that with this technology, all it takes to renew a passport would be taking a picture of yourself and your passport’s picture. The online renewal system will then compare both photos and the renewed passport will be mailed to the applicant.

The details for the new system is still in progress but the DFA’s goal is to release it by 2019. However, passports issued from August 2016 on wards are the only ones who can use the online passport system. This is because of the corrupted data of previous applicants. Rest assured, Cayetano has confirmed that once they have the bio-metrics, online renewal will be possible.



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