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OPPO VP Reveals the Official Look of Upcoming Reno3 Pro 5G


Brian Shen, OPPO VP of Global Marketing, has teased the upcoming OPPO Reno3 Pro 5G through a post on Twitter. After leaked screenshots of the phone surfaced (revealing a pinhole setup), it seems like the company wants to end all speculation by confirming major design cues of the phone. Apparently, it will be the thinnest dual-mode 5G mobile device (in its price segment) at 7.7mm (not including the camera hump). With the glass-body, the front screen is curved to the sides with no pinhole nor teardrop notch to distract. We’re more than likely to see a pop-up selfie camera instead.

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OPPO Reno3 Pro 5G First Look

There have been several 5G phones out as of December 2019, however, they’re not widely available. To compare, most of these phones have 8.8mm thickness. We’re talking about OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G and the recently announced Honor V30 Pro. The only thinner alternatives are Samsung’s Note 10+ 5G and S10 5G — clocking in at 7.9mm. At 7.7mm, it’s true that Reno3 Pro 5G is the thinnest of them all. Aside from the design, rumors suggest the following:

  • ColorOS 7 based on Android 10
  • up to 256GB internal storage
  • 60MP quad-cameras
  • 90Hz AMOLED display

There’s no exact release date for the aforementioned phone but reports suggest that it could be around December. It was only a few weeks ago when OPPO launched the Reno 2 series in the Philippines. While the official unveiling date was just last August. Interestingly, the first Reno series was announced in the country in July. If you’re planning to buy a Reno phone, there’s a good chance that you’ll feel outdated in a matter of months.

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