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Time to hit everyone right where it counts! As a kid who grew up with PC gaming as one of my most earliest hobbies, i had experienced a lot of worlds throughout my childhood and i’m sure a few 90’s kids who first encountered a keyboard on the early 2000’s would understand. Gaming was young back then and it was fresh, so just to hit a few people with nostalgia, we’re here to provide you with five PC games that you probably played as a kid.

Counter strike

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Oh boy, this is all but feels right here. The original counter strike was something really close to a lot of early 2000’s gamers. I remember playing the game, after school, with minimal knowledge of the mechanics and what to do, often times dying to bots and being pissed, good times, good times indeed. Counter strike for me and for most other gamers redefined gaming as it is and its not only one of our earliest PC games here in the Philippines, but also one of the most influential. Even today, the original counter strike is still being played, which when i see people do, just gives me a quick bits of nostalgia, as how games were a bit more straight forward and easy to understand before. The First person shooting game that you can enjoy alone or with friends was fun times indeed.

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Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online RPG

Well, this game was a bit more latest than others on this list and it is still being played today, though the original server might have gone down hill. Ragnarok Online introduced the “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing or MMORPG in the country, which got everyone hyped back then. A few people started off playing the game and as soon as news of the game is heard, that was pretty much the start of online rpgs here in the Philippines. To be honest, back then, i was a bit anxious about trying the game out, i was actually only 12, when i heard about the game and figured it was a bit too much for a 12 year old to handle, especially the top-up system that was a requirement back then. Though, i manage to play the game itself, with a few savings and a couple of weeks of not eating ( oh god, why). It was fun and i have met a lot of people while playing and since i’m a newbie, everyone had to assist me. Those were the days, where people actually help you in game, when you’re a newbie, instead of the usual, we-hate-you-because-your-a-noob attitude of gamers today.

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Battle Realms

battle reals pc games editorials philippines

Battle Realms was one of my alternative games back when i was kid. It plays similar to warcraft in many ways, though Battle Realms was something that marked me as a kid more, since i gradually played around the game, many times, despite not fully understanding the whole mechanics and concept of the game, because, you know, i was kid. The strategical approach and cool races become somewhat of a obsession for me, that i always get in my head, even when i’m not playing. It was a game that i could never forget and why would i? It was an awesome game.

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Diablo 1

diable 1 pc games editorials philippines

I really didn’t get into the diablo series, since i was as new to the genre of raiding as a pile of fresh seeds. The game was a bit too much for my little ‘ol mind to handle and i eventually didn’t play it anymore. However, it was still a game that i couldn’t forget and with the many things that it taught me, gaming mechanically and coordination-wise, it was something worth a revisit, when i have the time. Its awesome to see Diablo growing more, from Diablo 2 to Diablo 3, though i didn’t actually play the 3rd installment, since i really didn’t have the time to play it, though i hopefully will in the future. The growth of a franchise that highlighted your childhood really is something to see, not only for the nostalgia it gives, but also the realization that you’re pretty much getting old.

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You probably saw this coming a mile away, or you could’ve simply noticed our featured image. Oh good ‘ol Minesweeper, the game played by many and forgotten by all. Minesweeper was a built-in game in the PC, so where ever you go, every computer shop or your very own PC, it has a Minesweeper game. A game that was previously held a few childhood memories of more than one generation, Minesweeper is truly something to remember and never forger. We did have Pinball and stuff, but Minesweeper takes the cake. The game isn’t only an excellent time – killing mechanism, but also something that can help you mentally, which is always an added plus in playing games.

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There are good games and they’re bad games, but whatever they are for as long as they have been part of us for a while, they all deserve some recognition. Some of us might not like a few of the games in this list, some may actually still be obsessed with that, either way, this games are here to stay, either on our PC’s or in our memories.

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