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Since its announcement back at 2015, Pokemon lovers and fans alike have been making a lot of fuzz about the new upcoming Pokemon app, the Pokemon GO. The app enables a full blown live Pokemon hunt via your smartphone and Pokemon themselves will be region-based, meaning that some countries or locations will have a few region-locked Pokemon, similar to the games and cartoons.

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Just recently, Niantic labs showed everyone a first look at what the game could incorporate. The mechanics are as expected, you can explore your surroundings and find various Pokemon via your smartphone’s camera. From what we’ve heard, the Pokemon company might somehow incorporate Google cardboard as an option for use with the app, to maximize the experience though that is yet to be confirmed.

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Other mechanics like walking around to hatch your Pokemon eggs is said to also incorporate the rather Gameboy-like mechanic, which as a Pokemon player since the old red and yellow, just gives this nostalgic vibe into it. The Pokemon Go app is expected to hit it high sometime this year or the next.

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What do you guys think of Pokemon Go? Are you as hyped as we are? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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