Pokemon Go Server Back in the Philippines

Pokemon Go Server is Back in the Philippines and Asia

The latest augmented reality 3D game Pokemon Go is now finally back and available to play in the Philippines and other parts of Asia including Singapore, Taiwan, and HongKong. No confirmation yet for Japan.

The server is pretty much back in all Asia and other countries worldwide with the official global roll out and launch to be followed.

More Pokemon Go Server news in the Philippines

Pokemon Go Server Back in the Philippines Asia Available Singapore Taiwan Hongkong

Official app is not yet available in iOS and Android Play Store

The app or game installer is not yet available in the Philippines and other countries but only the server. The easy fix for this is to install the APK installer for Android while you need to change region in iPhone or iPad.

Other fixes including with several Android phones are posted in a separate article where you can troubleshoot installation and many more errors.

The server support also means you can play in Gym and Train camps while battle out some other Pokemon in the Philippines including the Metro Manila area and other parts where rare Pokemon can be caught.

Let us know in the comments if you are already playing it here in the Philippines.

UPDATE as of 1PM: It looks like the server is down again the Philippines and Taiwan. Niantic may be testing it out. Stay tuned for updates.


  1. i saw some poke stop when i open it for the first time , but when i close and reopen it, all poke stop are gone.

    • Check latest post “update as of 1pm” server is down again at 1pm.
      Server was up this morning then was down again at 1pm. So this is not fake online journalism. Sometimes people need to read before they blab.

      • Can you even site your sources on this news?.. yeah thats what i thought, kids nowadays you have all the information around you yet youre still to lazy to find it.. the future is effed up!

      • The server is really up this morning. It worked and we already caught some pokemons.

      • So your saying this guy works for Nintendo now?! Haha you guys are epic.. basically you dont have any idea how journalism vs blogging works so i’ll rest my case..

      • If you know the difference between journalism and blogging, you wont address this as “fake news” and “online journalism” on your first comment. Ooohhhh burn much.

      • Sir @BattleWorthy you are a dumbshit ass, the server was up this morning, read the update, get your lazy ass up and running deepshit. Sir Hellon is right.

      • Why so stupid? It was up this morning if you check twitter, many filipino posted that they are playing pokemon go.

      • How can you say that it is fake? Did you even read the full article?

        It said the game server was UP not the game’s been released in the area. It looks like people are confusing it with ” It has been released rather than the server was up” .

        And there are already plenty of people confirming that the same thing also happened to them. So isn’t it enough evidence to prove the authenticity of this article?

      • You stupid asshole where is your I.Q? Omfg. Do your have a basic english? Read the article man server is up for a while. Its not yet officially release in ph. Pls visit the main official website you dumb ass. -_- you low life.

      • Btw. If you cant understand english maybe i can read it to you and explain it in to your 1.0 I.Q just contact me :3 im willing to help dumb and sick kids

      • Proof already been given to you yet you still blab about the legitimacy of the post… Stop whining and get the fuck out of here… The server went up but for a tad. It’s not their fault you missed it…
        Now shoo…

      • Dont need a source coz i played around 30mins a while ago. Im my source. You have the information below this article but too lazy to read. You’re common sense is more effed than any future. Btw im 27 and working, not a kid. And to go over your next possible comment, i can play this game or any game i want, anytime i want, coz im my own boss in my own construction company. So yeah i have my own company at 27. Got time to play, got money to spend, very little time for retards. Lucky you i got a little time now while waiting for my next meeting. So goodluck playing pokemon on your off-shift (im assuming you’re also a grown up coz you referred to me as “kid”).

      • Then dont reply kung wala kang pakealam. Nagreply ka, so may paealam ka. Dont contradict yourself. Kaya ka minimum wage eh.

      • Low asset in human intelligence. Your not a worth of living. I bet your mom kicked you in her house


      • Yeah but you care enough to post a comment. Go work your minimum wage pay job, might give you enough money to save up for your life rather wait for pokemon. And really all caps? What are you highschool? If so, go study, makiuso ka pa sa pokemon, bet you dont even know gbc pokemon nor ingress.

      • You should try it on your self instead of . Having a fight. As you can see only you who’s not tried the game yet. Just play. And wait for the official release. Or just go to official website for further info and yet you keep on search on some “fake journalism website”. Asshole am i right?

      • Grow up kid. They wont be able to gave this game if they dont have a official website. Are you that stupid? Omg. Pls contact you personal doctor to fix you up. Stupid kid :3

      • You are stupid as hell man. Whats your logic score? … kids this days like you should play pokemon in gameboy not pokemon go.

      • As you can see there a lot of commentors are trashtalking you. Bec of ur stupidity lvl 999999 …

      • Quetion if this is a fake info website.. why are you clicking this link? Instead why not go to:
        Are really that stupid asshole.. pls die we dont need the likes of you here in the ph. Ur just a low quality of a human being :3 :3 the net is around the world and free to all and vast.

        Just being telling the truth. Asshole :3

      • Ang sakit talaga sa ulo ng mga bobong Pilipino. May “source” pa kunong nalalaman. Feeling matalino.

        Install niyo yung apk para kayo mismo malaman niyo kung open ang server o hindi. (speaking of tamad) Nakalog-in pa ako kahapon, pero ngayong umaga hindi na.

        Yung iba diyan naninira lang dahil walang bumibisita sa website nilang bulok.

    • Tapusin kasi bagobmag react.may kasabihan nga think b4 you click or mas oldies pa,don’t jump to conclusion.imao…

      Koya hellion di naman lahat ng minimum wage employee bobo. Mas madami nga

  2. If it’s really now available here in the PH, shouldn’t the app be from the Playstore and NOT an APK from just somewhere? Nako… baka malware yan. May case na ng ganyan sa Pokemon Go mismo…

  3. no source for this, since niantic didn’t announce this news, they probably testing the server capacity so that no trainers will expect for stable server. no need for source just wait and check pokemon go all the time to see it for yourself.

  4. Guys the article said “THE SERVER” not ” THE GAME (official)” that is available in our country. So stop saying that it’s fake and he’s lying. You understood it in the wrong way.

  5. Oh no this is not true fuck

  6. Just my two cents. The headline is misleading. The author could have just written how he was able to access the game for a while and what his speculations about it were. Saka na po tayo magsabing may server na for PH pag Niantic na nag-announce, di lang based sa personal experience. Verify, verify, verify.

    • The author accessed the server. So he blogged that the server was up again. He has no info that server will be going down again after some hours. So after blogging that the server was up, he just updated that server was down again when it did. It’s not misleading since this was posted before he knew that the server will be going down again, and he was considerate enough to update his blog for those who would read it. Just be thankful for those people who take their time updating on the net those who only google and criticize.

  7. If anyone of you might think this is a fake info journalisn website. In case any of you dont know the official website of pokemon go . . Look at the comment below that is commented to battle worthy.

    P.S. he’s so stupid as hell really :3

    • Really now? In the article before this ( He states that it’s better to keep the apk version of the app without any source saying that the apk version is in any way safe. However, according to other sites which have cited where they got ther information such as this one ( the apk version of pokemon go was built with malware and a backdoor to your phone. So you are really the one who is stupid to just believe this page as the “source”. Enjoy your info being stolen kid.

      • Oo nga. If you don’t know how to protect yourself, you should not try it. This blogger did not state that Meron risk sa info with the Apk download. that’s is why it’s bad journalism. No citation of sources and suggesting that downloading the apk is safe to download.

        Maybe you know how to protect your info bro, but there are a lot of people who will download it and not know how to protect themselves and think it’s safe kasi walang warning or credible sources sa blog.

  8. Guys, i installed pokemon go using a link given to me by my friend. It’s working. And I am from Cotabato City. I already caught a bulbasaur and ivysaur.. still searching for the rest. Im using android marshmallow and i installed the app manually (.apk) i have screenshots as proof that it does work. But as of now (july 12, 9:32am) cant log in cause server is down, so i guess they are fixin it.

    • ang tanong naintindihan mo ba? baka naman sinasabi mong wrong grammar sila kasi hindi mo maintindihan hahah.

  9. Here’s the point. Its not yet launched. Pinahaba nyo pa usapan and arguing nyo. Everybodys excited so wait na lang po tayo.

    Peace 🙂

  10. geez guys, kalma lang…to simplify things eto,
    *NO OFFICIAL RELEASE YET NG APP SA PINAS (android app store or ios itunes) but if u really want to download the pokemon go app eh take a risk using APK’s
    *for those who have downloaded the app after 1pm yesterday eh hanggangg dun s free pokemon lang kayo aabot. the rest will not work kasi nga HINDI PA BUKAS ANG SERVER NG PILIPINAS
    *and last but not the least, USA,AUSTRALIA,NEW ZEALAND,JAPAN,UK etch. ang country na fully operational at available ang app at lahat ng features nito. maliban dun wala png updates
    *hope this clears out and helped everyone ☺☺☺

  11. niantics, pokemon company and nintendo can do better. We all know that they can make this app available sa lahat ng bansa, at i-release and app na ito sa different countries at the same time. So fuck the system traffic or kahit anong ni rarason nila kung bakit sa piling bansa lang nila muna ni release. I hope na hindi to maging successful sa mga bansang hindi nila ginawang priority at ng makita nila ang napakalaking pagkakamali nila na ilabas ang ganitong app sa mga bansang pinapaboran lang nila.

  12. makukulit .. wag nyo na i-try mag laro using apk file .. kaya natatagalan ang release kasi sa 1st day plng nag overload sa server nila dahil sa dami ng nagregister na di nila inaasahan at na detect nila na may mga unknown IP and using APK so they blocked it and the worst banned device daw . but hopefully they fixing that right now immediately so wait lang tayo aabot nmn daw worldwide ung game HINTAY LANG MGA BOSS .. in the next release they will be sure na handa ang server sa mdaming player n maglalaro. wag n mag APK d n nkakatulong. source: pokemon go twitter at niantic twitter and pokemongoonline fb

    • Takot ma-ban. Naniniwala ka sa tsismis, lol. Mabuti nga para ma-stress test yung mga server nila. Ano pa kung ma-DDOS yan. Sila na ang may kasalanan kung sobrang daling mapasok ang sistema nila. Pasalamat pa nga sila maraming may gusto ng app nila sa Pinas $$$

      • Lol ano ba naman yan, walang disiplina. Lol
        There’s a reason why they didn’t release it to the ph and other countries yet, hindi naman sila mga bobo lol
        Bakit ba nagmamadali maglaro. The least we can do is to wait. Para the time na i-release na talaga sa ph eh maganda na daloy ng paglaro wala nang problems, but of course meron talaga bugs pero at least pwede na talagang maglaro.

    • A lot of UK users downloaded the game even if the game is not yet officially released in their countries, yet the servers never went down for them, so I believe Niantic is being unfair, or maybe Philippines has a problem that Niantic needs to fix.

  13. I downloaded the apk file from this site, and now I can’t find it. Why is that? Somebody please help.

  14. I downloaded the apk file from the link shown in this site, and I can’t find it anywahere in my system (tablet). Why is that?

      • All I ouuld do to Unknown sources is to enable and disable it. Is the apk from this site a virus? As long as it is not a dangerous file, I’m okay with it.

  15. click bait title. irresponsible online journalism. if your readers misunderstand your content dont blame them. your readers are your customers and you know what happens when you blame customers

    • UPDATE as of 1PM: It looks like the server is down again the Philippines and Taiwan. Niantic may be testing it out. Stay tuned for updates.


  16. just installed. the map is pretty much accurate to where my location is and cant wait to try it out after work.. internet connections just worries me with places i want to go.. still sucks i think..

  17. pa help.. Nadownload ko n pero hnd ko alam kong saan sya na save sa phone k,, hnd ko mahana,, hnd nmn sya nag notify kong pde ko n sya iopen eh

  18. Its real my fellow men… i played it.. but in the late noon it was bit mess up i dont know why… i hope they fix it sooner


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