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It seems the excitement for the Pokemon Go including in the Philippines has been temporarily stopped after the remote servers have been blocked for those outside Australia and New Zealand territory.

How to Download Pokemon Go in Android and iOS or iPhone

Pokemon Go Gameplay Installer APK Philippines Cherry MyPhone Starmobile Sony LG Xperia Samsung Galaxy

Why the Philippines and other countries have been blocked in Pokemon Go

The main reasons might be the high traffic and server overloading brought by several thousands of new users playing the game. And these issue affects not only the Philippines but all countries that are candidates and will be supported by the game even Japan.

When are you able to play Pokemon Go again

The good news is that this is temporary and Pokemon Go is still in beta, we might see the servers be backed again anytime soon for the continuous global roll out.

For the meantime, we will keep you posted for Pokemon Go updates.

If you’re one of the users successfully installed Pokemon Go in your Android or iOS, here’s the list of Rare Pokemons and their secret locations and maps in the Philippines that may help.

Here’s the latest update about Sign Up for Pokemon Go from official Pokemon Go twitter account:

It looks like some countries will be having some problems signing up on Pokemon go too. But Niantic already assured that this temporary.


  1. mag dagdag nalang ng servers lalo sa Philippines mag lagay ng dedicated server dito aabot yan ng 10 servers dito sa pinas.

  2. I can play Pokemon GO using fake GPS and mock location. I accidentally discover it when I stop running the fake gps app and off the mock location. My character is still in Aukland New Zealand and can access their Pokestops and Gyms. I repeat the procedures and now im in White house and pentagon hunting pokemons.

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