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Promate Conex Dual Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Review


Promate Conex, a dual stereo Bluetooth speaker with true wireless technology that boasts its ergonomic conical design, HD sound quality, and long lasting battery. Let’s take a look how well it performs.

Design and Build

The first thing to notice here is its clean and cone design made of plastic with the curved metal stand attached below.

At the back, you will see the power button and on its side is the AUX port and a USB charging port. Up front is the metal grille and inside it are the LED Status indicator and the mic.

The ports are awkwardly placed on the same location for either speakers. The charging cables provided were way too short to make the experience more functional should you need to keep them plugged and listening at the same time.


Before using the Promate Conex, you need to pair both speakers with each other after turning it on by placing them 1meter apart. After successfully connecting, you can now pair your smartphone to enjoy music playback.

Some bugs and issues would include the failure of both speakers to register while they are charging. Unplugging solves this problem.

Playback and Audio Quality 

The sound produced by the Conex is astounding with its stereo speakers. It is crisp, clear and loud without compromising on audio quality even at full blast.

The absence of a dedicated subwoofer did not impede on audio playback where the low tones as well as the bass are present. High notes are crisp and snappy. Mid tones are properly wet. These are all considering the size of the speakers as well as its price tag.

There will be some issues on the stability of the speakers as they tend to vibrate around the table when blasting at full volume.

Battery Endurance

It took about 6 hours to listen to its great sound quality compared to 8 hours indicated on the box with 2 hours and 30mins of charging time.

Pricing and Verdict

Priced at P3495, the Promate Conex is a quality Bluetooth speaker for its price that will let you listen for long hours or for those that want to fill a tiny room with your favorite Spotify playlist.

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