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Head-to-Head: Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro vs. Oppo F3

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Samsung’s latest mid-ranger on the line is the Galaxy J7 Pro. It features a decent pair of 13MP cameras and capable hardware specs for about P15,990 price or $320, which is a good match to the new Oppo F3 selfie smartphoneWill it be Samsung’s yet-to-be-tested Galaxy J7 Pro or is it going to be Oppo’s powerhouse, the F3?

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro vs Oppo F3 – Midrange Smartphone Comparison

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By just looking at them side-to-side, differences in overall design are not that noticeable. Both don an aluminum backing which definitely adds to the premium feel despite the mid-range pricing. Upon handling both, I felt the bulkiness that the Oppo F3 has, because of its slightly thicker sides. However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have an elegance of its own.

On the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, the unibody construction is prevalent. The more visible soft-touch keys are a huge plus too, considering how dark the background is. The flush rear camera positioning is better-thought of too. I know that I’ve mentioned of the unibody construction, but opposed to the Oppo F3’s mostly-plastic backing, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro proudly flaunts its full metal body with a 2.5D glass. Even the antenna lines were used to boost the J7 Pro’s overall aesthetic, making the metallic logo as the cherry on top.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro


Equipped with similar 1080p displays, the Galaxy J7 Pro’s Super AMOLED display outshines the Oppo F3’s IPS TFT panel in terms of color and contrast. In case you also find either phone’s display overbearing, it is only Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro’s that provides further customization in its Display settings.

It’s not much, but the customizability it allows is definitely better than being unable to tweak anything.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro


The Galaxy J7 Pro is equipped with a 13MP rear camera with f/1.7 while the Oppo F3 has a 16MP rear camera with f/2.2. The difference doesn’t seem too big on paper, but the night shots may convince you otherwise.

Daylight-assisted shots look identical. Colors look more natural without any editing on the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro’s end.

As I’ve mentioned, low-light and night shot medals are then taken by the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, thanks to its night mode which can be easily accessed by just swiping right. It cranks up the ISO to the highest and aperture to the lowest, allowing for the brightest image possible even in the worst thinkable lighting.

For selfies, even with a pair of 16MP on the Oppo F3, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro produces clearer images even in low-lighting conditions, thanks to the LED flash. A horizontal wide selfie is also available on the Galaxy J7 Pro.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro


If you’ve checked spec sheets, you’d know that the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro is equipped with the same chipset (Exynos 7870) found in last year’s Galaxy J7. It has aged, but it’s at its prime now, thanks to the Nougat optimization.

AnTuTu scores show that the Oppo F3 wins that round. GeekBench results have the Oppo F3 on the lead for single-core performance while multi-core scores were in favor of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro. And lastly, PCMark Work 2.0 averages leaned towards the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro again.

When it comes to gaming, both are on par with casual and non-demanding titles. However, moving up to the likes of Vainglory, Real Racing 3, Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8 with the highest settings possible, the Oppo F3 started to lag noticeably.

Responsiveness isn’t an issue for either, but interfacing with the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro certainly feels smoother and more natural compared to the Oppo F3.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro


Going by the standard PCMark Work 2.0 Battery Life Test with WiFi/Mobile Data and GPS on, the Oppo F3’s 3200mAh pack fared well but the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro’s larger 3600mAh Li-Ion pack did better for a few hours more.

  • Galaxy J7 Pro – 11 hours 39 min
  • Oppo F3 – 10h 1 min

Winner: Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro


The Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro adopted the speaker placement that this year’s A-series has minus the grilles and it’s starting to pay off despite my previous concern with this placement.

Not only is it louder than the Oppo F3’s, but it is also clearer even with its awkward positioning.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro


The Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro swept the competition with a total victory of 6-0. Expect it on local Samsung stores and authorized retailers near you this July, again, for PhP 15,990 at either Black or Gold.




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