All major smartphones of 2018 have been released and it’s time for the next step – the Samsung Galaxy S10. Putting all rumors in one place, here’s what you should expect from Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone as it marks the 10th anniversary of the S lineup.

Most Anticipated Smartphones for 2019

“Very significant” design changes

That’s according to CEO, Dj Koh. Although we’re not sure how it’ll look like, it’s highly likely they’re going for slimmer bezels (for higher body-to-screen ratio) and slimmer profile. “Amazing” (no less than nine) colors should also be expected such as a rumored green variant and gradient hue as it starts to become a norm as we enter 2019.

5G model

Samsung isn’t joining the race to become the first to offer a 5G smartphone. Based on a report from XDA developers, Koh might release a 5G variant instead, in addition to the usual duo that we see every year.

Up to four variants of Galaxy S10

In a report from Bloomberg, we should expect the standard S10 to feature a curved OLED display around 5.8-inch. And the “plus” variant that we’re used to seeing is seemingly getting a bigger “plus” version. Lastly, in hopes to be competitive against Chinese manufacturers, a cheaper S10 could come without the bells & whistles such as curved display and on-display fingerprint scanner. The same goes for the headphone jack.

New technologies

In-display Fingerprint scanner of OnePlus 6T

A private event held in China — with Samsung’s top 20 business partners, notorious leakster, Ice Universe, managed to capture a slideshow presentation explaining Samsung’s approach to 2019 smartphone design.

Fingerprint on Display – compared to optical under-the-screen fingerprint sensor, FoD makes use of ultrasonic pulses to map a 3D fingerprint image.

Haptics on Display – emulating a button press on a display, it’s said to be far better than your usual haptic feedback similar to ASUS ROG Phone.

Sound on Display – with an aim to go for an all-screen, bezel-less display, Samsung could remove the speakers for sound conduction technology.

Under Panel Sensors – this involves the selfie camera and facial recognition sensor to be under the display instead of a cutout. As to how it’ll look like, time will only tell.

Based on these technologies, Samsung is seemingly going for an all-screen display to totally get rid of the notch.

More on camera

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Joining the likes of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro, Galaxy 10 looks to gear up with three rear cameras:

1. Primary – 12-megapixel f1.5/2.4 variable aperture lens
2. Secondary – 13-megapixel f2.4 aperture sensor (probably telephoto)
3. Tertiary – 16-megapixel sensor f1.9 aperture and a 123-degree field of view (super wide-angle lens)

Out of the three, the third lens might not come with any type of image stabilization.

Apple iPhone XS Max vs Huawei P20 Pro – Flagship Comparison

Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro now officially available in the Philippines

3D Image Mapping

iPhone XS

Although a bit late, Samsung partnered with Mantis Vision to develop a 3D image mapper that is said to be as secure as Apple’s Face ID.

No More Galaxy S?

In an interview with The Investor, Koh Dong-jin, head of the firm’s mobile division, was asked about plans in changing the naming scheme of the Galaxy S lineup. Apparently, they’ve been mulling whether to change the numbering scheme or the S moniker.

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