Samsung recently announced a new midrange smartphone and it’s now official in the Philippines as well. According to some, it has the Samsung Galaxy S8 feel. So, in this video, we’re going to look at their similarities, differences, and check out which is the best for you.


The Galaxy A8 is a little thicker and heavier compared to the S8. Both phones have fingerprint sensors located at the back portion of the phones. Though, located differently. In our opinion, the fingerprint sensor placement on the A8 is much better.
Both the Galaxy A8 and S8 features dual sim and has 3.5mm audio jack.


Both the S8 and A8 features an 18.5:9 display. When laid closer to each other, it can be seen that the S8 is more vibrant-looking and has better resolution. Well, the A8 offers 2220 x 1080p while the S8 features a 2960 x 1440p display. But the AMOLED screen on the A8 still looks great. Both the A8 and S8 have on-display feature, which is pretty handy if you’re hands are busy and you gotta take a look at the time, no need to press a button or anything.


For the cameras, the A8 offers higher specs on paper. the S8 features a 12MP rear camera, on the other hand, the A8 has 16MP rear camera. Let’s check out the photo results.


The first outdoor shot is obviously brighter and has better contrast on the S8. The sky looks a little darker on the A8, while the sky on the S8 looks more vibrant.

For the second outdoor shot, it’s the opposite. The birghter shot goes to the A8, and the darker toned result is the S8’s. The S8 shot is still more vibrant, and the trees looks greener, compared to the A8’s.

This night-lit shot looks darker again on the A8. The brighter, more vibrant and sharper one is the S8 shot.

But for this next night-lit shot, the S8 looks darker than the latter.

For the selfies, both looks identical. The selfies didn’t change the color of the skin tone, staying natural.

The S8 shot looks faded on this one, while the A8 shot has better contrast.

For this night-lit assisted selfie shot, the A8 leaned on to a more cooler tone, and the S8 to a warmer one. Which do you prefer?

Same with the previous selfies, the A8 has a bluish tone, while the S8 with yellowish tone.

Both smartphones can go upto 1080p at 30 frames per second in video recording.


Both Galaxy smartphones run on Nougat, with Exynos 7885 on the A8, and Exynos 8895 on the S8.

Both can run games smoothly without any lags of some-sort. Even when they differ in fingerprint scanner locations, speed is at par and as mentioned, we prefer the placement on the A8, as it is placed on the bottom of the camera placement, while the fingerprint sensor on the S8 is located beside the camera. Also, both are water and dust-resistant.

Both the S8 and A8 are available in local and online stores with the S8 retailing at Php39,990 while the A8 at Php26,990, although prices will differ in countries after taxes. Of course, the S8 is the better phone. However, the A8 is cheaper and also is a great phone, despite the midrange specs. The A8 also comes with dual selfie cameras that could take selfies with bokeh effect, and on our test, it has better battery life. What about you? Comment down below what you think, like if you loved the video, subscribe if you want to see more..


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