Samsung’s latest tablet, Galaxy Tab S4 launch date is fast approaching as it was scheduled on 9th of August. But it seems that it won’t be launching alone, the company recently announced a toned down version called Galaxy Tab A 10.5.

The Galaxy Tab A 10.5 is said to come with a 10.5-inch screen just like the Tab S4. It will have a 1080p screen resolution on LCD display. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 will be powering the device as it carries a 3GB RAM paired with 32GB storage.

Aside from 7,300 mAh battery that is similar with Galaxy Tab S4, the rest of the features such as the S-Pen, iris scanner or DeX support won’t be available in Galaxy Tab A 10.5

This device will also have a mode for kids and “Daily Board” which shows the images, calendars, and a clock even when it is unused.

As of now, pricing and release date of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 isn’t officially announced. We’ll still have to wait for further announcements from Samsung.



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