Samsung aims to launch a revamped version of their Galaxy A series along with their entry-level M series. While the A series were reported to possibly have a White back, the M series was said to feature a limited palette. However, it wasn’t mentioned whether what type of finish will it be. The A series was mentioned to feature new LCD displays compared to the recent series smartphones.

Storage options for both the Galaxy A and M series can be seen in the table below. There is no mention if the devices will equip a hybrid slot. In terms of global availability, the Galaxy A series will be more focused in Europe market. The M series, on the other hand, will target Middle East, Africa and Asia. These are just leaks so we advise it to be taken with a pinch of salt since it may be changed in the coming weeks. As always, stay tuned for updates!

Storage, Color

Additional Model numbers

SM-A305F(32/64GB) Blue, black, red, whiteSM-A305FN, SM-A305G, SM-A305GN, SM-A305GT
SM-A505F(64/128GB) Blue, pink, black, silver, whiteSM-A505FN, SM-A505G, SM-A505GN, SM-A505GT
SM-M105F(16/32GB) Blue and Dark Grey
SM-M205F(32/64GB) Blue and Dark GreySM-M205FN, SM-M205G
SM-M305F(64/128GB) Blue and Dark Grey

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