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Samsung’s Galaxy S9 will feature 3D emoji and Dual Speakers


The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 will feature 3D emoji and stereo speakers. The emoji will be similar to the iPhone X’s Animoji in terms of how it tracks and imitates the facial movements of the user but according to ETNews, a Korean news publication, the Samsung’s 3D emoji are more advanced than the latter’s Animoji.

This may be possible for the company revealed its new Exynos chip that has “realistic face-tracking filters” along with stronger security for unlocking devices. Furthermore, the 3D emoji will also showcase animal characters that can be shared with friends as reported by Android Authority.

The latest model will also include dual stereo speakers that will be placed at the top and bottom of the phone. This was developed due to customers’ feedback as to how easy it was to cover up the speakers in the previous model, Galaxy S8, during gameplay and movie watching. SamMobile has also reported that the S9 and S9 Plus will feature Dolby Surround by AKG, an acoustics company owned by Samsung.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9 plus will be revealed on the 25th of February in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress. In cooperation with Korean mobile networks, the S9 will not exceed ₩1 million, roughly around $920, which is less than Galaxy Note 8’s price upon its release.




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