Following the local release of the iPhone Xs series, it’s just a matter of time before the iPhone Xr follows suit. With a few toned-down key specs compared to the iPhone Xs, is their even a reason to get the iPhone Xr? This article won’t focus on the bells and whistles, but rather the practicality and situation of specific users whether to get or upgrade to the iPhone Xr.

Apple iPhone Xs, Xs Max, XR: Full specs, availability, P70k price Philippines

For iPhone 8 Users and below

Should you wish to experience the generational design of iPhones, it’s a good time to get the iPhone Xr especially when you don’t want to spend that much for the iPhone Xs. You won’t be missing a lot of features here. Although it makes use of an IPS LCD or “Liquid Retina” as Apple wants to put it, the calibration and color science of Apple is so good that it’s even better compared to higher resolution displays out there.

For Gamers


What’s great about the iPhone Xr is that Apple didn’t opt to use last year’s A11 Bionic chip to cut the price. Instead, it’s sporting the latest A12 Bionic that’s currently the most powerful chipset out there. If you want steady frame rates when playing mobile games, this won’t let you down.

For Android to iOS Switchers / New iPhone Users

Ease of use, familiarity, and consistency – these are the bread & butter of Apple’s ecosystem. It’s probably the main reason why people consider switching to iPhones. But the main catch here is – iPhones are expensive. But not for the iPhone Xr (at least compared to the competition). Getting the iPhone Xr is the right choice should you wish JUST to transition to Apple’s ecosystem right now.

For iMessage Privilege and other exclusive iOS apps

Apple’s own RCS(Rich-Communication-Service) – iMessage – has created a cult for several years now. Apple’s built-in iMessage is more than an SMS platform. Unlike Android’s built-in SMS, iMessage supports media, rich links, emojis, stickers, and a whole lot more. Moreover, it’s free and only requires an internet connection for you to use it.

For Security-Obsessed People

Adware and malware are the most common attacks on Android. For Apple, these instances are far less to occur due to its tight and constricted ecosystem of iOS. Yes, you’re giving up customization and admin control but that’s not what Apple is trying to achieve here. They value the privacy of their users over this type of extra functionality.

Not For the Spec-hungry

6GB RAM, 512GB internal storage, triple camera setup, etc. Some people just want more from a smartphone. If you’re looking for that extra, you won’t find it here. It’s better to shop for an Android phone instead.

Not For Media-centric Users

Colors and resolution are everything for people who wants that crispness from a display. More often than not, users will opt for an AMOLED display for the best contrast ratio. While IPS LCD is best for users looking for accurate color renditions and wide-viewing angles. With under 800p resolution for the iPhone Xr , it’s just not gonna cut it.

Not For Big Phone Users

Note 9, Mate 20 Pro, iPhone Xs Max – phones that stretch the display as much as possible for a more immersive experience. As for the iPhone Xr, it does stretch out the screen but it’s smaller build make it look like a tiny phone when pitted against the aforementioned phones.

Would you buy a $1200 iPhone Xs for social status symbol or Apple ecosystem?

If you think we’ve missed a specific user role, let us know in the comment section and we’ll try to include them on the next one.

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