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Sky Cable Plan 999 at 3Mbps Internet Service Review – A Jittery Entry-level Internet Experience


We’ve recently availed the Sky Cable 3Mbps for Php999 Internet broadband offering here at our house and had it for months now. We decided to avail and use this particular Sky Cable offering through recommendations of close family and with that, I’m here to highlight our experience with the service so far and tackle a few problems that we experienced throughout our days of using the internet service.


Ping latency


The said service holds a pretty decent ping. Overall we were still experiencing a few ping drops here and there, mainly if the number of users has increased or if change your position. However, overall ping experience and internet experience is quite satisfactorily. The offering of Php1,000 for a 3Mbps isn’t all that bad to be honest.

Frequent problems experienced

We’ve had a few problems encountered during our days with the service, mainly revolving around connections mishaps and sometimes internet signal problems that are quite troubling at certain affairs. It’s not a very convenient thing to experience, especially if you primarily need to check and make articles. To give you guys a fair not, we’re living in a close spaced location/room, with no particular source of signal efficiency, so that might have played a huge role in providing this particular problem, though I, myself have read a few similar issues regarding the service that there have been frequent connection cuts and is sometimes required the users to restart the modem.

Yesterday, a huge cable problem resulted to our internet broadband connection to be affected as well. It was out for a day or so and was only able to bring back the connection on the afternoon of yesterday. Connection problems and signal deficiencies are a huge problem of this particular service, though hopefully, we see it get fixed in the near future.

Internet activities (number of users in household)

Our activities are primarily involving youtube and simply run-in-the-mill internet browsing so the Sky Cable 3Mbps is doing wonders for us. However, downloading-wise, it’s not highly recommended, especially if you frequently have to download a large amount of files for movies, series, and whatnot. It is advisable to avail a faster connection on your end since the service itself isn’t that accurate in the connection department and frequently having to redownload failed downloads will be a norm if that’s your case. Only 2 users are more likely active in using the service on our household (myself and my little sister), which gives us a large amount of space since we don’t download files that much.

Overall Feedback/Recommendations

So far, we’re pretty much satisfied with the service, since none of my family members  use the internet service but me and my sister, thus sapping on the internet isn’t a problem for us. However, if you’re looking for a sturdier and capable internet connection, then most likely the service ain’t a good call to take. Think of it as a good entry-level internet service, for those who don’t do much, rather than just browse and download light files, but for the more hardcore files and if a number of users are bigger than the usual, it might be best to pick a different service.

We can’t say much about the number of users part since we only have two active users here in our household, but it’s best to bet that the 3Mbps Sky Cable offering isn’t all that good


  1. Sky broadband is really crappy! No internet connection for several hours and sometimes days! Customer service is bad too. It seems they don’t know what they’re doing. You spend several hours calling them. Their concierge is useless. Don’t get sky broadband. You always get disconnected and go offline for half a day, a whole day and sometimes up to 3 days. That is my bad experience with sky broadband. You will waste your money with sky broadband.

    • Yaiks thanks for the post. I was looking for a decent internet at home for school purposes.. can you recommend one?

      • pldt sucks!!!! been using for almost 3 years and it has been unsatisfactory forever. we have the 5mbps/P2600 a mo plan.

      • I agree. Pldt is more reliable than sky. You will just donate money to sky without services if you’d chose them. If you dont need watch and download movies you can try globe. Nevertheless sky is the worse option.

  2. I’ve been using their wired service for a couple of years and I could say it has been tolerable. Few glitches here and there but we are in the Phils and there’s oligopoly. Good enough for home use, wifi can be easily set up. For business, get a higher plan. PLDT is a good option for business. I am still looking for a decent competition. The pocket wifi and telcos are just crap.

    • pldt sucks!!!! been using for almost 3 years and it has been unsatisfactory forever. we have the 5mbps/P2600 a month plan.

    • In my last work we used pldt and is paying 70 to 80k 1 month. For first 3 months of using we got disconnected 2 times. For the rest of the contract period we had same problem over and over. Plus their billing is always unupdated. Few months before the contract with pldt we apply to their competitor htech. Htech used fiber glass and has been very reliable. And we pay around same monthly fee but no more glitches and headaches.

    • Im a subscriber of sky since last year august. 1 week after the installation we already got disconnected. Their hotline is hard to reach and they are so slow in after sales service. It took them 2 weeks to reconnect our line. After 1 month our line got disconnected again until now. They have provided a mobile and direct line but the employee is lazy to answer questions, lazy to update me, and didnt make the report for my issue. When i make comments on their fb page after 6 days about this they lied that their staff have reported the issue. They told me they’ll put me as priority but i need to wait for 1 to 3 more days. They dont even know my availability which i told to the other person that Ive talked to. They are liers and will give you terrible service. You’ll just be paying for nothing that I guarantee you.

  3. I am the sole user. Crappy internet. Browsing in google chrome is faster using my postpaid data. Terrible!!! Didnt have problems with pldt.

  4. it feels bad when weekends Saturday and Sunday you can’t use it. Much of no connections in hours than using it in 5 minutes. yes, our cable become 200 plus because of the promo but really bad during peak hours. When reporting it thru text a message will be received and saying ” we will get back to you on your concern within 2 hours last March 5. but now March 15 “this is new “we will get back to you on your concern within 4 hours” . We were visited twice the first one they told us “not refreshed with like disconnecting it on main plug because there is no switch” and the second “not properly connected” that i think not true “kasi alam ko na sobrang higpit ng ginawa nila nung inayos nila yung cabling.”. Yesterday is an ordinary day but connection really not good specially at night time really no connection. I don’t know if in the usage but we avoid downloads, “youtube, coc, facebook, smule, (4 users). Please address your client properly and tell us the really reason for the dropdown. my account 653754760. Lastly, magmula ng umangal ako last Saturday March 11 thru text sa isang globe number. lalong nawalan ako ng connection total connection hanggang Sunday ng 10 pm. parang nangungutya mag on ng 1 to 2 minutes then drop ng 4 to 5 hours. grabe na ito. I value your skycable since tagal ko ng client but the treatment regarding your promo sa broadband worse sorry but really worse.

  5. I feel bad for this since i’m not experiencing as good as what they say’s the connection is getting awful and poor as it the months goes by and now i’m starting to regret for choosing skycable.

  6. i don’t recommend using this company.it’s affecting my job since i’m working home and i rely on this crappy internet.

  7. Do you know how to check the usage or used up quota? I have contacted the customer service but their reply was irrelevant to what I asked.

  8. Consumables are much faster than unlimited but it has a capping system which limits your data usage.

    We’ve been using the updated speed of 5MBPS of Plan 999 of Sky Broadband and based on our less than a week experience, it is so much slower than any ISP we’ve had having the same price. But this doesn’t mean that I am going against Sky or any ISPs. The thing here is you have to consider so many things before getting a plan in any ISP which will satisfy you.

    In my opinion, it is better to consider the number of users that will be connected to the internet, the bases of their internet usage (such as downloading, streaming and etc), the quality of the signal in your area and most importantly is your time consumption.

    Let us say, you are planning to get a Unlimited Plan 1799 for 10MBPS speed but the number of users exceed to 5, their purposes of internet connection are for downloads, watch videos and so that consume a lot of data for better quality. This plan doesn’t fit to your needs. I advised to get other plan which suits the need for the internet. Say, 1000GB Plan 2499 for 10MPBS might suit their needs. Like what i’ve said before, consumables are faster than unlimited.

    Anyway, these plans and ISPs are your options.

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